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Moyeam Tea

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I heard about this tea today. Anyone ever try it?

Vine tea-moyeam tea

Moyeam, botanic name Ampelopsis grossedentata (Hand.Mazz.) W. T. Wang, belongs to Viacearum, Ampelopsis Michx. The English name Moyeam is spelled from the Chinese name “茅岩莓". Moyeam is a precious plant growing in the famous Chinese mountain Zhang Jiajie. It is the settlements of Tujia minority. Moyeam contains rich flavonoids, amino acids, vitamins; proteins and essential trace elements.It has both nutritional and medicinal Value.The leaves and stems are used to make a herbal tea called Moyeam tea(China) which is also a kind of vine tea. It is the wonderful tea drink.

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Hi R16728,

I have no personal experience of this tea but there are some very impressive ‘health’ claims made about it. I’d assume it would need to be carefully sourced for the authentic ingredients. Apparently it does not contain the antioxidant epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) found in green tea.

As for its nutritional and medicinal value, that would be difficult to calculate but in any case, it sounds to date back 600 yrs and allegedly only females can produce it. I’ve never seen it in this country.



I have a Dr friend on Facebook that sells it and all the reviews are 100 percent positive. I've been trying to get find it here in TX last couple days. Funny, Google sent me to your post here on my searches. I've been a member in here for a while. But apparently it is amazing.

Why is the incidence of CLL lowest in Asians? Could be the green tea or something else ubiquitous in China. I would say a scientist study is in order . Until then I cannot subscribe to any food substances as a treatment . But it cannot hurt to try different teas if you enjoy their flavor or aroma

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