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Hip replacement and cll

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In 2003 I had double hip replacement, I'm wondering if there there is any relationship with cll? I've been doing some research and it looks like there might be. The bones make the marrow and they messed with some pretty big bones.

The surgery was very successful but a difficult recovery, before it I could hardly walk after, a while after I was back playing tennis and riding my bike.

Has anyone else with cll been through this or know of any connection.

Thanks, Stephen

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There is some suggestions of increased blood cancers related to joint replacements but the evidence is not of much clinical import.

Thanks Dr. Koffman.

Thanks for bringing this up Stephen. My hip has been killing me. It really got bad this summer from riding my bike. I had a shot in it and that helped. It is good to know that you were able to get back to tennis and bike riding. I never thought about the possible connection, I hope we get more feedback. Take care.

Hi Stephen I have had both hips replaced albeit over ten years apart, during the pre med for my second was the time my CLL was diagnosed. Prior to that there was no indication of any problems with my blood. I was fortunate on both occasions to having a trouble free recovery, however my first replacement is starting to cause problems probably due to the time it has been in place.

If there is any connection I am sure it would be interesting to know if there is a survey in operation.

Glad you are doing so well, I imagine it was difficult recovering and excercising for both.

Regards Richard

Also had double hip replacements. DX CLL 4 years later. Hmmmm

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May I suggest that a significant factor making any link difficult to determine is that both CLL and hip replacements happen in older people. Correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation. There may be some underlying inflammatory causative factor however...

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Buckeye64 in reply to AussieNeil

My double hip replacement, according to the rheumatologist, was caused by the high dose steroids given during chemo. They have X-rays from when I was first dx, showing no AVN. A couple years later it appeared. Ten years later both were replaced. I was 40 when dx, and 50 when replaced.

I had a hip replacement this year......the original was destroyed by sceptic arthritis from haemophilous........which I contracted as a consequence of having no spleen.....which I lost due to it being ruptured when a car knocked me off my bicycle.....and it ruptured due to being enlarged as a result of CLL.

A link? No, not really. Just an unfortunate, and occasionally very painful, sequence of events.

Prior to haemophilous being discovered, the haematologist was concerned that there had been some development due to CLL. She had me lined up for possibly radiotherapy but orthopaedics decided to try surgery first. They recovered quite a lot of damaged bone from both the femur and the hip and these were thoroughly analysed to ensure that it was haemophilous and not CLL.

Meanwhile, a lesson learned. For those who are asplenic, if you get very intense crippling pain in a major joint with no apparent cause, don't let doctors fob you off with "possibly pulled a tendon". Had I been put on antibiotics initially, I would probably still have my original hip !!


This in very interesting, for the last three years my hips have been killing me, it’s worse when I excercise. I was diagnosed in 2007 when I was 39. I never thought to bring this up with my doctor.

Stephen, I asked that question to both my hemo and the ortho. Both said that it was very minor effect if any, that area of marrow was not a large contributor to building cells.

Dennis, 70, Ibrutinib, and need left hip replaced after too many marathons

Twelve years ago I had a terrible accident when I fell off a treadmill. My hip was shattered. I had emergency surgery to repair the acetabulum. I was diagnosed with CLL a year and a half ago. My hip started to go out on me lately and has been very painful the last couple months. I was told I need a hip replacement. I had a cortisone shot but it really didn't help. I am not sure if there is any correlation between the two events, but it is definitely something to think about.

Sorry about that! Maybe try another shot first.

I had the reverse --- CLL/SLL in '14 & hip replacement 11/2020. Logical comment from Neil as is his prior one suggesting the surgeon & CLL doc need to talk. I got off IMBRUVICA a week before & didn't start again for some time later. My Ortho surgeon & CLL doc spoke more on the post-surgery blood tests (I think platelets were really low).

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