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CLL and Surgery (not CLL treatment )

Hi, I am a new joiner as my father has been recently diagnosed with CLL. He is at Stage I and W&W. He has a prolonged problem with urinary system stones. He had several surgeries in the past to remove the kidney stone. At current stage, he has several medium size stones in the bladder and he sometimes felt uncomfortable with blood urine but not too often. Before the CLL diagnosis, some doctor advised him to take the stones out with surgery but some doctors said the surgery is unnecessary. After CLL was diagnosed, we are bit concerned about infection and side effect. So I am wondering whether it's quite risky for CLL patients to undergo such a surgery? Thanks

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If surgery is in the furure plans then it is better to get it done early in watch and wait... when the immune system is better. This is a topic to discuss with your dad's urologist and he should be talking to his hemetologist...

Co-ordination is important...

That said, I had full open colon surgery after two rounds of chemoimmunotherapy treatment, 15 years after diagnosis, so surgery is certainly doable, but recovery is more lengthy... and the risk of infection high.



Chris, thanks for your prompt response and advice. I will ask my father to consult doctors from both sides. Thanks! All the best!


Hi, Welcome to our site.

I am in W&W, diagnosed June 2015, and I had my gallbladder removed 3 weeks ago, and apart from feeling a bit uncomfortable and really,really tired, I feel ok, so I would say if your Father needs surgery, he should go for it, as Chris says better to get it done at this stage.

Hope your Dad is keeping well.

Best Wishes

Elle 😊


I had a (v large) spleen removed and was back to normal (well, my wife might dispute that word!) v quickly. I was worried about the CLL, but there were no problems / side-effects from that side

As Chris says, get it done whilst the CLL early stage - there should be no CLL side-effects


I had a dermoid cyst the size of a grapefruit removed from my abdomen via laporotomy. Recovery as per the norm. However the surgeon got advice and permission from my haematologist to operate. All about blood counts rather than lympocytes.


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