Posting on CAR-T, BLAM, WLADand improved PFS with Venetoclax =R versus Bendamustine +R


I have been little too busy and way too sick with a slowly resolving chest infection to stay well engaged with the list, but I have been posting almost twice a week on our website in honor of Blood Cancer Awareness Month (#BCAM) and World Lymphoma Awareness Day (#WLAD).

I am trying to rest but travel has been crazy. Fever is gone with ZPAK and Rocephin, but still a painful chesty cough.

I am in Alaska now. Last week we did an amazing patient forum in Salt Lake City, the week before was Columbus for my treatment at OSU, the week before was NYC to meet other CLL folks. Next week Dallas, then SF for NCCN, then Chicago. You get the idea.

Hard to recover with little rest

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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  • Keep up the good work. Try to rest when you can ...

    We need you well !!

  • Brian, I agree with Hoffy! We need you well, but please take care of yourself for your sake as well as ours!


  • Doc,

    Please get some rest. We need you as well as your family does.


  • Dear Brian,

    Time to put the feet up for a bit, and take a well deserved rest.

    Wishing you well,


  • Brian, thanks for all you do. Sending healing light and love.


  • I don't see "take a vacation" in your list!

    Thank you for all your efforts-


  • Thanks for all you do. Take care.-bill

  • I always watch for your posts.I hope you find the right balance with work and rest.Thank -you for all you do for the cll community.

  • You should better take a rest for four weeks instead of constant travelling. Air con in aircraft is bacteria washer.

  • Nothing matters more than thinking about your health, because as you know, one day, it will come back and then you must be strong.

  • Brian, this business of chest infection is really germain. frequent mention for members. i want to share that i have had bronchitis, which follows the slightest cold or flu. With productive cough. Truly miserable. Do try to avoid antibiotic, but sometimes i cave after a few weeks and plead for Z pac, which, so far works.

    The issue is, what can we do, thinking outside the box? with no data, have fought to stay very well hydrated, use a humidifier(My pur Mist) and tons of Robitussin. And of course rest, as others have mentioned. Vitamin D.Masks in public and Flu shot, Pneumoccocal vaccine.

    Question is do others have any other ideas?

  • This is my distillation on how to reduce infection risk:

  • Please take care of yourself - you are precious to all of us.

    - Diana

  • Slowly getting better with more rest, hydration, 3 painful shots of Rocephin and a ZPAK. Still traveling too much. In Anchorage now, then doing a half day day visit to Dallas to speak before heading home the same day.

  • Don't overdo it. You've got to look after your own health too. You work so tirelessly for us.

    My mum always said 'milk cannot pour from an empty cup'. Time to refill yours.


  • Thanks. I am hoping to make some significant changes in 2018 that should lighten my load, G-d willing.

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