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Immune function in CLL


This week on cllsociety.org we share Dr. John Gribben's talk about Immune Strategies in CLL which was taped during the Patient Empowerment and Education Meeting held at UCSD in April 2015. Please visit cllsociety.org/2015/11/immu... to see the article and a video of his talk.

Because we're in the throes of preparations for American Thanksgiving with the family, this will be the only posting. Next week we're off to Orlando for the American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting. Our schedules are set and we're excited to hear about the latest data in CLL and to share it with you.

We've been posting several interesting lectures lately and now we'll have an abundance of new data on CLL directly from ASH, as well as the second issue of our newsletter, The CLL Tribune coming out before the end of 2015. Please sign up for the weekly alerts @ cllsociety.org/newsletter-s... It will be your best friend in knowing what new material we have posted.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together

Brian Koffman

Volunteer Medical Director of the CLL Society

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For some reason the link is wrong. Sorry. Please use this: cllsociety.org/2015/11/immu...


Well done checking the link Brian! There was a trailing /o, now removed, so both links should now work. I've also posted a correction to the CLL/SLL Groups.io list :)



Where it all began for my journey with prof Gribben. Thanks Brian x


The most important thing is that you are doing well. Let's SKYPE soon. I am off to ASH tomorrow and will see Prof Gribben and others.


Absolutely x


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