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Last saturday i came home from a 10 days stay in a clinic. I had there hyperthermie treatments, local and whole body. It is based on the principle that cancer cannot bare high temperatures. Normal healthy cells can endure heat far more better.

I can only see after a fee weeks what this has done for me. Most people there combined it with chemo. I refused. I met a man there also with cll, who told me he also regused chemo and comes there already 5 years, for 8 days every 3 months.

His blood is improving over time and he feels great. I hope this will work for me the same way.

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Very interesting. Do you sit in a sauna or something? What is the process? Thanks


I stayed there for 10 days and had fast every day hyperthermie. Most days it was local hyperthermie (i hope i translate this correctly in english). You lay down then on a warmed waterbed. You get something on your body that is so big as a baking pan fir pancakes. It is with an arm connected to a big machine. Through it there comes a kind of microwave radiation that heats your body in that aerea till 43 degrees. It takes an hour. Healthy cells can take that. Cancer cells dy or become weakened.

A part of the people use it together with chemo. There is a bigger chance that chemo is effective that eay. I used it without a medicine. I follow beside the hyperthermie a strict diat.

One day i had a wholebody hyperthermie. Then you lay down on a bed, while yout body is in a tent in which very hot lamps are burning. You have extra oxygen. Your body gets fever, at least till 39,5 degrees. I could not get so far because i have low blood pressure and with the geating up and sweating it went further down. So i went es far es 39.00 this time. After the treatment you get an infusion with fluid and salt. I have to say that after that i felt weak but healthy.

With the local hyperthermy i have some pain in my belly and then i have to recover.


In which country did you have this treatment?


Germany. I know it is also used in the Netherlands. In Asia it is used more as in the western world, but the use of hyperthermie is increasing also in europe. United States i do not know.


Please tell me if your immunoglobulins improve later as a result of this treatment -

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Hello Stretch1, before the treatment they researched my immunoglobulins. They were fine. IgG 7,67 (ref. 7-16). IgA 1,07 (ref. 0,7-4). IgM 0,5 (0,4-2,3).

As i have not earlier results i cannot say for sure if they have improved because of my diat. 2015 + 2016 i was sick all the time, flues, colds, inflammations, etc. Early februari this year i heard i had SLL with akzentuierter profilerationsrate. I refused chemo and immuntherapie and started a strict diat and supplements. Since then i have not had any cold, flue or inflammation.

What i hope to achieve with the hyperthermie is a reduction of swollen lymfenotes and a reduction of the lymfocytes.


That sounds interesting. May I ask of your diet and supplements? - perhaps a summary of what is involved?

Hyperthermia treatment using infrared heat source with infrared thermometer for local or generalised treatment and careful supervision seems to hold some hope to improved management (reducing rate of increase of tumour cells or increasing turnover/apoptosis) or improve chemo outcomes from what I read of it.


All my diat and supplements is a lot. But here a try:

No sugar, no gluten, no additives. I start with juice of raw beets and apple and ingwer. After an hour i eat budwig breakfast with quark, flaxseed oil, yoghurt, seeds and red fruit and berries.

I take cannabis oil, curcumin, cranberry, broccoli, zeolith, msm, green tea extract, vit. D, etc

I tryed also apricot kernels, but i find them so awful, that i vomit,


Thank you for more details Anja

Budwig diet is new to me, but not all surprising - I too try to re-invent my diet for the better; I'd like to give my tumour cells a hard time..

Flaxseed oil with cottage cheese is mentioned elsewhere as a possible regime against tumour cells. The mix of oil with protein is scientifically shown to greatly increase absorption of the oil.

Ginger is oft credited as a universal benefit to health. I also eat more broccoli, recently added zeolith/bentonite clay, coconut oil, green tea, but not yet MSM, and have not thought about whether to try to obtain cannabis oil nor apricot seed kernels (very bitter?).. ie. Whether they are likely both safe and beneficial ( - my risk/benefit calculation)

I think vegetarian Ms Ludwig was somewhat ethically against meat; if from organic animals I'd be inclined to eat both lard and beef dripping and think them healthful - more healthy than seed oils for cooking. But I have friends who are vegetarian or vegan and more healthy than me..

Re. Hyperthermia treatment

Unless treatment is available cost effectively -- What do the German clinics charge? Likely it may be cheaper within UK without long international travel -- I might end up buying an infrared 1-person sauna.. For safety I'd not attempt hyperthermia heat, but if high temperature gives tumour cells, bacteria and viruses a difficult time, I'd use my sauna for regular heat sessions, not least when suffering a cold etc.

A story: friend with multiple ill-health/infection symptoms with CFS/ME used to feel her best during foreign holidays in high temperatures. 37+Centigrade seemed far too hot to me, even in the shade. Today, having read up on the topic of hyperthermia treatment and how pathogenic cells and tumour cells function less successfully/die at higher temperatures, I conclude that my friend's high temperature enjoyment was very logical, even obvious.

Good luck.


Which if you believe the simplistic explanation for this disease should result in reduced cancer cells and more room for normal B cells to become plasma cells for antibody generation. Also reduced signaling with reduced cancer cells to screw up the rest of your immune system -however, guess it depends on what % of your bone marrow stem cells are spitting the bad cells to begin with and other issues I know nothing about yet - anyway I like the kinder gentler approach - please update as you try this

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Where in Germany is hydrotherapy offered? It does sound interesting, and would likely have a benefit for lymphatic drainage in addition to promoting cancer cell die-off (apoptosis).


Hydrotherapie is in water. This is hyperthermie. I do not every place where this is offered, but what i know of is:

Hyperthermie Zentrum Hannover

Biomedklinik Bad Bergzabern

Vita Naturaklinik Eppenbrunn

Hyperthermie Bochum

However it is also in other countries

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