FCR and Bladder irritation

Hello All,

I just thought I would pose a quick question to ask if these symptoms I have are common place or unrelated to FCR.

I have just finished my 6th (and last) cycle of FCR just over a week ago. This last weekend I have started to need to go to toilet (pee) more often. I feel as if I am dying to go, but when I get down to it there is only a small flow and a little discomfort at the end of the stream (as if I still need to go). I contacted my trials nurse who sent me off to my GP to provide a sample to dip test it. I did this today and it all comes back as clear (unremarkable). I have a further appointment tomorrow to see if any further investigation is warranted.

I have read that Cyclophosphamide can cause bladder irritation, but unsure in what form. I guess that I was so glad to finish my chemotherapy and am disappointed that things aren't as plain sailing as I would like. I guess it is still early days to expect normality.

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  • Rich, here is a site that might help you in getting the Drs. to look further:


    There is mention of a Rare side effect in relation to kidney involvement.

    Sorry, I have nothing to share from experience.

  • Hi cllady01,

    Thanks for the link. Don't think it is kidney damage as all the discomfort seems down the 'final end' of the water works and there are no traces of blood etc in the urine - as would usually be the case. Hopefully just a water infection or irritation. I will try and persuade the GP to repeat the test and send some bloods off to the lab.

  • Good news finishing fcr.. Rich. Hope you get a long remission.

    Sorry cannot help with the problem you have.

    Best wishes.


  • Suggest a retest and in the meantime drink lots of water.... I know, but ...

    Presumably you are still on anti viral and antibiotics? You have my sympathy.. sometime ago my dip tests came back unremarkable, but hospital analysis indicated infection that cleared with correct antibiotics.

  • Thanks abikaasa,

    I am still on anti-virals, but had antibiotics replaced by Pentamadine due to a allergic reaction.

    Just got back from the GP. He didn't retest, but from symptoms he was quite happy that it is an irritable bladder rather than infection. My temperature is fine, my prostate size is normal ( :-o ) and there isn't too much discomfort - only the feel of a need to go. I will keep hydrated, monitor temperature etc and give it another day or two to see if it settles.

  • Hi Rich 316

    I hate giving you something else to worry about, but for your sake I have to ask has your GP carried out a PSA blood test to reassure you that there is no possibility of another cause.

    I feel so mean but I wish someone had pushed my partner to have this check done.

    I will be so pleased to hear it has already been done, and honestly only wish you the best.


  • Thanks Bubnjay,

    I didn't have a PSA blood test, but there was no sign of enlargement from my Prostate. This peeing problem has only been present for the last few days to a week, so I am quite happy at the moment it is more likely to be bladder irritation or - if an infection - I will go back to see him or phone the Haematology ward.

    From experience over the last 6 months, my Chemo regimen does have its side effects and Cyclophosphamide has been known to irritate the bladder. I certainly won't dismiss your suggestion. I am back at the hospital in two weeks, so will ask about having a PSA blood test to be tagged on to my usual blood tests just to be sure.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Sounds like irritable bladder. Drink lots but avoid tea, coffee and alcohol these are bladder irritants. Pure cranberry juice may help.

  • I have irritable bladder. I take Uribel for it and it helps. Ask your doctor about it.

  • Thanks Christine, I have already been prescribed Vesicare so will give that a go for now, but will bare that in mind if not effective. I am also drinking lots of water which seems to help.

    Thanks again,


  • Hi Rich, Glad your FCR treatment is finished hope you have a long remission.

    I am about to start my 5th round of FCR and right before my 4th I had the same problem I also had the test and came back clear so I just drank lots of water and after a week or so it finally went back to normal, I seem to urinate more often now but I also drink more fluids.

    I hope its just a passing thing for you, just keep your Dr informed.

  • Thanks Tahoe, that's very reassuring. Good luck with your last 2 cycles - not long to go now! :-) .

    I like the pun 'Passing thing'

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