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Reaction to FCR or Medicine.

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I had my first cycle of FCR in August. I had an allergy to something. Most likely the bactrim (sulfur) and was hospitalized twice. I also had a severe rash that covered my entire body except for my face (thank god!). My Oncologist has decided to put off any further treatments at this time. My WBC went from 177k to 8k with one treatment. My lymph nodes which were size of golf and tennis balls are nearly gone. I will be going on wait and watch again and I am not sure how I feel. Part of me is happy that I won't be getting chemo and the other part is scared of the unknown. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else and they if so had soon did they need further treatment.

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I also had a severe itchy rash thought to be due to Bactrim. My rash didn't start until after my 4th and last cycle of FCR. It lasted three weeks. I was prescribed antihistamines but they didn't help much.

I had a bad rash during cycle 2 of FCR. It was treated immediately with antihistamines. The cause was Septrin a tablet to help avoid pneumonia etc which I needed during treatment and for 6 months afterwards. It was stopped and replaced by a monthly dose of Pentamidine via nebuliser.

If the chemo has done well and they are just blaming the Bactrim it is weird they are stopping the chemo. Just a personal thought.

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I had severe back pain and fever for one week and was hospitalized They thought it was my kidneys at first. After being discharged a week later had the rash. The rash was so bad it also put me in hospital. Since I had so many drugs including bactrim, allopurinol, valtrex, FCR, zofran, Mepron etc. The doctors do not feel that giving me any medications would be healthy for me and they are concerned. So they are seeing me monthly and monitoring me closely.

Oh dear you have had a lot of trouble with the supportive drugs. Hope the future is better.

Hi Jamisavs5,

Iwas in the same situation like you. My w&w during 8 years about only 1 round of FC, in 2009.

I wish you to have the same periode of remission.

All the best.

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Wow that is amazing. I can only hope I have the same results as you. All the best to you as well!

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