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IV Vitamin C Effective for Sepsis?

Clinical report from a doctor treating cases of sepsis using IV Vitamin C, thiamine and steroids had only 1 event of death out of 150 cases. Standard treatment at this time is usually 50% death. He has published his results in a peer reviewed journal and has received a $3.2 million grant from NIH for further study with the gold standard double blind/control group clinical trial.

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I think I read not too long ago that the US outlawed IV Vitamin C therapy!!!! Of all the Rx drugs that can kill you and should be off the market, they outlaw IV Vitamin C?? Oh, well, not a big profit margin there I guess.


Heard about this study on NPR radio too. 2 months ago my husband had open heart surgery and he had to start a high dose of Vitamin C plus a few other vitamins about 2 weeks before surgery and continue till well after. They told him the Vit. C. would help the healing process. He has had no issues with healing or infection. He did end up with bronchitis at about 3 weeks after surgery (but he had a nagging cough since last Nov.) and then had a bout with gout at about 6 weeks after surgery. He is almost 70 years old and back to work full time as manager of a feed business.He just doesn't lift any thing heavy anymore!!


Post on NPR radio coverage is here:

I've also included a reply in that post about a multi-centre review that couldn't replicate a one centre change in protocol that dramatically improved septic shock survival...


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