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Specialist in London/Hertfordshire?

Hi everyone,

I'm posting regarding my mum who was diagnosed with CLL a couple of months ago.

She's seeing a doctor on the NHS but is considering going privately, however we don't know where to begin looking for a good haematologist. I was wondering if anyone knew of a CLL specialist near north London/ Hertfordshire?

Thanks guys!

Hannah x

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Dear Hannah,

I was referred to the University College Hospital; quite near to Euston. Very thorough. I was diagnosed and treated in Luton & Dunstable Hospital (fine) but the bone marrow biopsy etc showed chromosome deletion; hence the referral. At UCL I was most impressed by the facilities and staff - they have a Professor! However I decided to continue my treatment (FCR) in Luton (we couldn't face the travelling)

It was in 2015 - so personnel may have changed. My memory is a bit slack - I will dig out the letters and pass on any contact details.

Also perhaps try contacting the CLLSA - )CLLSupport Association) they have good web presence.

Best of luck,



Hi Hannah. Where do you live? I'm in harpenden. So I was cared for in west Herts from 2007 to 2014. Then UCLH. And now barts. You should have a very good haematologist near you who knows the latest and best treatments for CLL and who to refer you to if needed. If you want to go private I recommend the London clinic led by John gribben. You can mention me! Corin ps I'm male 48.


Hi,I am in the process of being treated with FCR and am travelling to Cambridge from Bucks, bit of a trek ! But well worth it just for the reassurance of having Dr George follows being my consultant .


Hi, I have been seen at NHS Barnet who are very good but now only give 6 month appointments at a push due to overload. UCH specialise, but would be interested in private doctor. Kindly let me know who your mum has chosen.


Hi Hazel, small world, my mum is under NHS Barnet too. She saw Professor John Gribbin privately in the end. He agreed with everything that the NHS doctor said and didn't provide any new information, however we don't see it as a waste of time because the apt confirmed my mum is getting the right treatment. Hope this helps. Hannah x


Thanks Hannah. It's always good to get a second opinion for peace of mind. For the record I always feel Barnet NHS is very good. I wish your mum well X


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