Blood results concerns

Here are my blood results from yesterday. To "HIGHS" popped up that have never been there before. I've had the LOW abs lymph since chemo so I'm not worried about that. The NEW HIGHS are my concern. Never had before. I'm sick with an upper respiratory thing and on antibiotics so I hope that is the easy answer. I'm waiting to hear from the DR but I'm making myself worry :(

WBC 5.95

RBC 4.64

Hemoglobin 13.4

Hematocrit 42.0 %

MCV 90.5 fL

MCH 28.9 pG

MCHC 31.9 g/dL

RDW-CV 13.3 %

Platelet Count 260

MPV 10.7 fL

Neut% 63.4

Abs Neut (ANC) 3.77 k/uL

Lymph% 16.5

Abs Lymph 0.98 k/uL Low

Mono% 6.7 %

Abs Mono 0.40 k/uL

Eosin% 12.9

Abs Eosin 0.77 k/uL 0.00 - 0.45 k/uL HIGH

Baso% 0.5 %

Abs Baso 0.03 k/uL

Nucleated Reds 0.3 /100 HIGH

Absolute nRBC 0.02 k/uL

Diff Type Auto Diff

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  • Many of us would be thrilled to have such great blood test results. Your high eosinophils are most likely indicating that you are currently dealing with an allergy. It could be there's an allergic component to your respiratory infection? When your exposure to the allergen ends, your eosinophils should return to normal.

    Your second high result is caused by your bone marrow releasing a few red blood cells earlier than normal and before the red blood cell nucleus has been removed. Check with your doctor about that, but I suspect he won't be concerned, particularly given you have such great red blood cells and haemoglobin results.

    I don't have medical training, but I doubt your doctor will show any concern over your results.


  • I would endorse what AussieNeil has said. Eosinophils are related to allergic responses, they can bounce around and you have an infection so may explain it.

    The nucleated reds result is probably not significant as your Hb is 13.4 so your bone marrow shouldn't be under any stress to produce more red cells and eject them from the bone marrow early. Some labs don't report nuc rbc below a threshold (determined by themselves) as the analysers are so sensitive that they can occasionally 'find' something and it's not of any clinical value.

    AussieNeil is right, your results are no cause for concern but check with your doc for a medical opinion and then relax. Hope the chest infection resolves soon.

  • You guys were right...I talked to my DR and he said to stop worrying...I'm fine. I know you guys all know how it is when something pops up. I always dread those 3 every three month blood draws. I've been in remission after BR for only 9 months and I'm still dealing with all of this. I knew that this is the place to ask and discuss. CLL is such a roller coaster! I just want it to stay away for a long time! THANKS EVERYONE!

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