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CLL Results - Blood - Full Blood Count - In order of significance

I have my blood test (taken at 7th May 2014) results. They are the first since my 2nd round of FCR on 17th April 2014. This intrigues me and I trust someone could enlighten me –

Given that the consensus of contributors to this site is that the Absolute Lymphs merits exclusive attention, primarily – How to the following Blood Counts rank in CLL importance?


I have a scant knowledge of what they are (having read copious amounts of “Getting to know your blood tests and what they mean”). But I cannot rank them!

I have an appointment tomorrow to hopefully get my 3rd dose of FCR. I say hopefully because last week I was on a course of antibiotics for a chest infection. I don’t know if that would cause the FRC to be delayed! Alas, woe is me – Here am I worrying about being fit enough to have another dose of poison!! You gotta laugh!

Regards to all,


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I would say absolute lymphocyte count (ALC) is prime, then platelets, neutrophils, rbc etc... they are obviously all important, but in some patients, some are more important than in others...

Ultimate the ranking order would vary... from patient to patient...

If you had AIHA then red blood cells would be a concern, neutropenia, the focus is on neutrophils, part of the white blood cell count (WBC) , thrombocytopenia, the platelets would be the focus...


I've no idea about the blood counts John, but here's hoping that you are clear of infection and able to take the 'poison' .

good luck for tomorrow



Hi John,

As Chris (Cllcanada) says, the ranking will vary from patient to patient. What's more important to you? Having your CLL under control (ALC, part of your WBC), having enough energy to do anything (RBC/HG and for additional detail on what your red blood cells are doing, MCV, MCH and MCHC), staying free of infection (NEUTS primarily and to a lesser extent BASO and MONO, which are also included in your WBC), or not bleeding excessively or worse (PLETS).

With CLL varying in how it progresses and reacts to treatment, which of these are most important to an individual (and it could be more than one) will vary.

Don't be too concerned if you can't have your next 'dose of poison' on time and keep that essential sense of humour - that has to rank pretty high on the the importance list too!


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Thanks Cllcanada,Ygtgo and Neil.

I will ask my 'dealer' (Consultant) what flavour of this 'good cancer' do I have. Then i'll ask her to rank me. If she doesn't have a 'hissy fit' at my daring to ask such a thing, I'll report back to you!

If you don't hear from me during the next week, don't worry - I'll be getting LOW on my FIX! (FCR Treatment).



Your comment of 'poison' made me smile. I remember being given tablets in one of those paper pots, I poured them into my hand, ready to take with a drink of water. The nurse said "you should not touch them as they are poisonous" I said "thank you I am going to swallow them, go figure"

Still here so that was a fail that I liked lol.....

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