Had blood work done recently, a few numbers are concerning to me. Any help is greatly appreciated

Had blood work done recently, a few numbers are concerning to me. Any help is greatly appreciated

I had blood work done and a few numbers have me concerned. My LYMPHOCYTES number is low, 0.76 out of 1-3. My percentage though is 22% out of 15-41. Also my MONO % IS HIGH AT 17% out of 1-10. My WBC is 3.42 and my ALT is 65 out of 8-54. Looking back at old tests looks like these numbers are getting worse, some have fluctuated though. I know WBC can vary greatly with each day, so should I not bee too worried about my Lymph #'s since percentage is normal? I wasn't able to upload another picture, but my ALT(SGPT) is high at 68, when range is 8-54.

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  • Jason I'm wondering if you've had a definitive CLL diagnosis or are just worried about your blood results generally? Only your physician could answer your questions on this but looking at your results, levels seem more suggestive of a viral infection.

    It is necessary to distinguish between absolute and relative lymphocytosis (high lymphocyte levels). Absolute lymphocytosis may be defined as an increase in blood lymphocytes above 4.0 ´ 109 per liter. Relative lymphocytosis occurs when there is an increased percentage of circulating lymphocytes, but the absolute number does not exceed 4.0 ´ 109 per liter.

    In terms of the ALT test, any reading above 55 units per liter (U/L) means there might be an unhealthy amount of the enzyme present in your bloodstream. It could be indicative of infection. You don't have mono by any chance or possibility of hepatitis?

    Importantly, what does your doctor say about these levels/variations, particularly as you say 'they are getting worse'. Have any concerns been expressed about possible infection?

    Others more knowledgeable may be able to offer more detailed advice but on the face of it, these don't look like blood results one would expect to see in someone with CLL. They seem more in line with someone experiencing a self limiting infection.

    Can you clarify if you have CLL as this is an important factor.

    Best wishes,


  • Hello,

    Sorry, No I do not have CLL, this was my first post on this site and I guess I put it in the wrong section on accident. Yes, I am just worried about my blood results in general. I'm not sure how they look. When I said worse, that does sound bad, but those levels have always been on the low end, its just now this is the first time I am seeing them this low. I don't believe I have any viral infections (hope not), I was most concerned about the levels of the lymphs, but then saw my percentage was in normal range. So figured that the absolute levels were low because total WBC was low.

  • Ok Jason that clarifies things. Relieved to hear you don't have CLL!

    Doesn't sound a great deal to be worried about but ask your doctor if you continue to have any concerns. He clearly doesn't or there would have been a response to your blood results.



  • Well I just got the results back, and its the VA..so who knows. So the Lymph levels and percentage don't look bad even though the numbers are low? I think I scared myself researching things online.

  • I think you probably did Jason. Best to discuss these concerns with your doctor. Ask him for his take on your blood results.

    Whilst we have a strong interest in blood results on this site, reassuringly for you, ours look very different to yours.

    We know on here not to interpret Dr. Google too literally or out of context. There's a saying that you shouldn't rely on medical guidance on line because one of these days you'll die of a misprint! :-)


  • Percentages can be misleading; it's best to look at absolute levels, by which you can see that your low lymphocyte count is making your monocyte percentage high - though the absolute count (which is what is important in determining if you have sufficient white cells to fight an infection), is fine.

    Lots of medications and supplements can cause a higher than normal ALT, as can intensive exercise. Discuss what you are taking with your doctor and see if some changes there will give you a lower result if your doctor is at all concerned.



  • Hello,

    I appreciate your reply, yes I will def. speak with my Dr, but its the VA and that will take a couple weeks or so. So what your seeing I shouldn't worry too much then as my absolute count is fine? Man, looking online I really spooked myself. I am seeing HIV, Cancer and other real bad things. What number is my absolute count?

  • I wouldn't be at all concerned, particularly if you are feeling well, but I'm not medically trained. As Newdawn says, your low lymphocyte count (which is only slightly below the normal range) was probably due to an infection.

  • The ALC is the absolute lymphocyte count. To get the percents 100 random white blood cells are counted and the percent just reflects how many of that 100 fall into each category. The percents will always add up to 100%, so if one count goes down another will go up. The absolute count gives a much more accurate picture of what is going on, especially the ALC and the AN (neutrophil)C. I'm sorry that you've been through the Dr. Google scare. Many of us have been there. I hope your doctor can give you some good information specific to your counts. Have a written list of questions for your next appointment listed with most important first, then make a copy for the doctor so he can see what you want covered.

  • Hello,

    Yes I did Google scare myself! I had my doctor call me last night and he told me everything looks fine. He did mention what you just mentioned and what others have on here as well. That my absolute count looks fine and don't loose sleep over these numbers! I appreciate everyones help on here. :)

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