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Hi I mentioned earlier about having a cough that is hanging around so at the drs today he gave me some anti biotics and went for a Blood test he just called as originally told they would not be back till Tuesday.

74. Wbc Lymphocytes 68.4 Platelets 127 Haemoglobin 15.4 - i said my platelets have never been that low but he said it was nothing to worry it was due to the infection.

I am going to plot them from my previous test's if I can remember where I put them.

I pretty much want to hear from you guys here before I start to get concerned as I value your opinions what are your thoughts

Jules still Flying

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  • Hi flyer, I'm in the same situation as you with the platelets and infections. I have had an infection that comes back seams like every 6 months. my platelets were also low to 132 .taking antibiotics now for the lump or cist on my bottom. started, Antibiotics yesterday I'm just worried about taking the antibiotics because they do kill Platelets. Just my experience.

    Hoping You Get Better Soon.

  • Sorry about the rear end I didn't know that they did that I have only had 2 so far.

    I don't usually get things but this is just hanging around

    Thank you

    Jules soon to be flying again



    lovely to say hello after all this time . I too got antibiotics yesterday for they thought a cyst!! I just hope the anti,s work to clear it up. I Hope you feel better soon.

    My best wishes.


  • Hi Jules I'm not called Chris or Neil, so I'll leave them to reassure you. I just hope you soon feel better.

    Best wishes.


  • Sue you mention away anytime you like.

  • I have amended the post anyone can respond ;-)

  • I mentioned it to a couple of friends they said it's probably a ingrown hair. and to put a warm or hot compression on it. I did and I think that it's on its way out. Thank you Sue Best wishes to you. And all.

  • Hi Jules,

    With those blood test results, you'll soon be flying again! You have a good level of non-lymphocyte white blood cells to fight infections (WBC - Lymphocytes equals (74 - 68.4 or 5.6)), your platelets are more than adequate, even if there is as small drop with antibiotics. (My platelets are around 100 and I've only seen a slight - if any, drop when I've had infections and been on IV antibiotics a couple of times.) You've got a fantastic haemoglobin result - no wonder you can fly!


  • Good idea to plot your results Jules at least then you have an idea of which way things are moving and you can frame any concerns to your doctor.

    Antibiotics and infection can impact on platelet counts, but I agree it is a good idea to see how things pan out over time. I hope you shake that cough soon, I have a list of people who are not allowed past my front door at the moment, unfortunately because they have persisting coughs, there's a lot of it about this year. Hope it mends soon

  • Cheers Nick thank you

  • Check and see if your hospital has a thing called My Chart in it. It will actually take all you tests and track them on graph them for you. Good luck.

  • Thank you for that i will ask on Monday

  • What kind of cough (mucus, no mucus/ day and night/ deep, shallow) and for how long? My doctors treated my severe cough with antibiotics for several non consecutive weeks until a CT scan showed a pleural effusion, one of the possible symptoms of CLL. That called for a different treatment.


  • So sorry to hear your under the weather, I think it's that time of winter months germs flying around take care.

  • I have had a nagging cough since I started Ibrutinib. It comes anytime with no warning. It is a tickle at the back of my throat that gets some relief from Zellies products (lozenges and gum) and dry mouth wash (several brands). I have never been told I need antibiotics by my oncologist; I hope yours is right and it solves your problem. I certainly will follow this thread.

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