Does stress cause your blood results to increase

My husband's blood results 2 weeks ago went from 78 to 112 lyphms. . The white count was 82 up to 114 ... highest results so far in 6.5yrs

He has been under alot of stress

He is having the worst night sweats... never had them this bad.. also fatigued

Having another test today ... he isn't well at all

Look forward to hearing your opinions


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13 Replies

  • Justme3,

    I'm not sure stress alone could cause those numbers to rise like that. With the other symptoms he's having I'm glad he's seeing his physician.

    Is he treatment naive?


  • Yes he is treatment naive. ..

    Has had his head buried for 6.5yrs in the sand. Has accepted it ... he is feeling very unwell

  • I'm sorry he feels so badly. Perhaps treatment is coming near if his quality of life is being severely affected?

    Has he had a BMB or FISH done yet or does he have a CLL expert on board? Time to consider these things to my uneducated mind.


  • I agree with Jeff, perhaps a CTscan is in order at this point. Is he being seen in a major cancer center?


  • He is under a specialist .. he has something going on in his body. Went to the doctor about a groin discomfort and tingling down his leg. Dr said it was referred pain from a bad back .. hasnt gone away. He looks unwell .. black rings under his eyes. He says he feels dreadful in his body and knows something is wrong

  • He has none of those tests done

    Tonight we open his results .. I'm guessing they will not be favorable going by how he is feeling. Maybe treatment isn't far off.

    Kinda hope it is coming so he can go into remission ???? Or am I dreaming ?

  • You say under the care of a specialist? Is this a hemetologist or oncologist? Is this a small practice in a rural area?

    Sorry, I just can't fathom that he has had no testing done... could it be that tests were ordered but he never followed through and got them done?


  • He is under a haemotologist ... and the tests are done through a clinic. Those tests have not been done. His specIalist has said that they will be done when treatment is required.

    We live in New Zealand. .. and not rural.

  • Justme3,

    I read some previous posts of yours and have a better grasp of your situation now. Unfortunately, his depression is out of your control.

    Consider yourself and your own well being too. Get your children on board and perhaps an intervention of sorts may be in order.

    Be well,


  • He is not depressed apparently .. after doing depression tests.

    I guess it's just a case of extreme denial amd now he has to face it. Sad but true.

    I have tried to reassure him that CLL is not a death sentence and there is much they can do to help. I know CLL has a mind of its own and each situation is different. It's actually been a hard 6.5 yrs for the whole family because my husband has not accepted it.

    I am covered about his current state but it comes down to him being responsible for himself in the end.

    Thank you for your input :-)

  • #concerned about

  • I don't think stress can cause the numbers to rise like that but I do know that when I am having severe stress my body takes it much harder than it has before I had CLL. When my mind is right my body feels better. Unfortunately my numbers don't go down so I understand where you're at. Insist that his doctors refer him to a CLL specialist and get the fish test done so you know the genetic markers. I was extremely lucky the doctor on call in the ER happened to be a CLL specialist so he had every test done within days of meeting him. Information is power.

    You are right, this is far from a death sentence. Treatment works, FCR which is the standard of care is extremely effective and now we also have many second line treatments with many more in the pipeline. I almost wish my head was in the sand I have taken the diagnosis hard and the past 2 years have been brutal on my emotional and mental health. But I'm working on it.

    You're in the right place. The answers and guidance you need is here to be found. Keep positive and we will all be sending you positive vibes and prayers. God Bless keep us posted

  • Hi I have to say that stress always makes my Cll worse. For me it seems to give me a shaky feeling inside. Although there doesn't seem to be any research into stress and Cll there does seem some agreement between patients.

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