Hi All

Just got back from Oxford all went well

WBC 92 was 81 last time - Haemoglobin 16.4 Platelets 273

I did post about doing dry January and febuary or until I went to the Hospital today - well I fell of the wagon on the 14 th of February romantic fool I hear you say - no Arsenal beat Leicester 2-1 in the 93 minute Danny Sellback from an Ozil cross I couldn't watch as in it went - anyway so abstaining from Alcohol did make any real difference only to my Wallet how will I get that wasted time back

i'm starting now cheers everyone


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  • Good for you Flyer!


  • Looking good Jules but how's your ALC (lymphocyte level) doing?


  • Hi Newdawn not sure will get a letter soon just got those then I was happy well as can be J

  • Jules,

    I'm a lifelong Chelsea fan ( I have suffered, over the years'!). Have a pint of ale! Life is too short!

  • It could be worse you could support Man utd

  • I'm a cockney! MUFC? Never going to happen!

  • It can be hard work following your chosen teams, eh? I'm a Liverpool supporter and have just watched my team in the Europa League game against FC Augsburg....I think I held my breath for most of the second half!😮

    Enjoy your drink - and good luck with your upcoming epic bike'll deserve more than a drink or two once you've finished!😉



  • Thank you Debs

  • Good for you. Rooting for City as it's my home team but I'm more a Tigers fan. Don't worry to much on the results as they are only part of the indication process. I had FCR treatment in 2010/11 and my bloods are not as bad as yours but because of other symptoms I'm going for a CT Scan today to see if it's returning. If it is then the consultant said he would put me on treatment immediately. But like I said don't worry take care. Mick

  • Wishing you all the best for a good outcome Mick. I'm glad you're remaining upbeat but it's always a niggling worry.


  • Glad the bump in falling off wagon brought you back to your senses! Enjoy the ales, wines, spirits!

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