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Lumps in neck

Hello everyone.

I was diagnosed with CLL in 2014. Still stage A watch and wait. Until recently I had no symptoms at all but over the last 6-12 months have started to notice lots of small lumps in my neck, behind my ears etc. During my last 6 month hospital check the doctor also found quite few around my body but said there is still no cause for treatment Just keep an eye on them and make sure there not growing fast. I understand that this is caused by build up of white cells around the body ( I think this is the case but may be wrong) and I am not overly worried. They are not painful or itchy. However somebody told me that it is possible to massage some of these lumps out and wondered if anyone here has had any experience of this. Thanks!! E.

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Massage can offer some benefit if done by a trained oncology masseuse who specialises in lymphomas, most don't

Ask your CLL specialist for his recommendations. These are frequently masseuses who are attached to major cancer centers...

You won't remove the lumps but may ease any pain temporarily... if they don't bother you then I would leave them alone...



Thanks Chris


I have lots of lumpy lymph nodes and I do get a massage about once a month to get the lymph moving!! Once in awhile one of the nodes under my arm may hurt for a few hours or a day but then subsides. My biggest problem seems to be when I do a good days work of cleaning or some exercise, my whole body is just achy, especially my bones.




Hi eebie1234

Perhaps the advice given by my haematologist might fit you too. She said if they are not causing you pain or discomfort, leave them alone, ignore them.

Mine like yours are behind my ears and I am aware of them when turning my head, but otherwise they don't bother me.

Best wishes



Thank you


Beware of massage with CLL. You're right not to worry. When your doctor tells you to start treatment you'll be ready. Enjoy yourself if you can.

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