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Bendamustine vs FCR

My consultant is discussing treatment options with me. Been in W and W for almost 6 years but now my ALC is over145 and my haemaglobin is drifting down below 120.

He is suggesting that Bendamustine with Rituximab will be a better option for me than FCR because of some particular presentation of my condition.

Does anyone have experience of Bendamustine to share?


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There are lots of previous posts from members who have had Bendamustine/Rituximab (BR). Check out these while waiting for more recent replies: healthunlocked.com/search/b...

You'll also get more and more detailed, personal replies if you make your post private to this community. Just click on the 'v' below your post and select 'Edit' then change the 'Who can see my post' setting to 'Only followers in my community'.


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HI, Clovelly, we are all very different with our gene's ,mutations and other things, so I think that doctors are still figuring out what is best for each patient. I did not have rituximab only bendamustine over 8 years ago. And I thank God I'm doing Great, I pray that they make the right decision for your treatment. I think it's a role of the dice for what treatment will really work that is what I think , Best wishes to you and all.


I had BR treatment in 2012, and am still in remission - not sure how much longer that will last, but after treatment for CLL and a following carcinoma, have been in very good shape. I won't repeat the details here, but you can read my "Replies" - not 'posts' - if you want to see what happened.


Hi I am currently on B&R, have had 4 cycles. Rough ride at first but now starting to feel much improvement. I post my progress as on a regular basis so feel free to peruse. We are all different & react differently but hopefully my journey will give you a heads up. Best wishes going forward.

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