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Dr, Jeff Jones on venetoclax after failing ibrutinib or idelalisib

Dr, Jeff Jones on venetoclax after failing ibrutinib or idelalisib


I’m sorta back in the swing of things and have partially caught up on sleep finally.

This week in the Conference Coverage section, we’ve posted an interview with Dr. Jeff Jones from ASH 2015 where we discussed the use of venetoclax for those who relapse after ibrutinib and idelalisib. You can view that interview here. cllsociety.org/2016/08/ash-...

This is an increasingly important topic and one close to my heart as I may be relapsing in very slow motion after 4+ years on ibrutinib. Only my opinion, but I am voting for non chemo cocktails to deliver the knockout punch to our CLL.

I have a friend who failed both ibrutinib and venetoclax as sequential monotherapies, and is now MRD- on the combo. MDACC and OSU are doing trials that include such combinations.

There are too many upcoming LRF or LLS or other meetings and CLL support groups over the next few months to list here, so I simply suggest you visit my blog: bkoffman.blogspot.com or the nonprofit’s website cllsociety.org to learn about events near and far.

Lots of possible learning and sharing opportunities. Please take a look.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.

Brian Koffman

PS: A photo of a cheetah mom with cubs from our safari.

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Thank you for your post, I read everyone.


Love the photo. How far away were you? And was it you she had her eye on.

Thanks Brian.



That one was taken with a long lens- Probably >200 feet. We were at times < 20 feet from lions, leopards, other cheetahs, elephants, hyenas, and others.


Thank you.


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