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Lymph glands uncomfortable

Hi I'm still waiting for my appointment with my hematologist in 2 weeks. I was diagnosed about 5 weeks ago and waiting for my bloods to see what state my cells are in. I don't know if it's in my mind but my glands in my neck, groin and arm pits although not swollen they feel uncomfortable. As though they should be swollen. I have just gotten over a really bad bout of bronchitis I am also aching any body else have this? Is it part of the CLL?

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I'm new here and very recently diagnosed. On W &W. I have a sense that my neck glands are swollen but like you wondering if its in my mind. I have a hematologist appointment coming up also.

I guess this is one of the challenges/stressors with this disease. Not knowing if symptoms are CLL-related or benign issues that will disappear on their own. I'm very fortunate at this point in that its very early days in my CLL journey. If not for the accidental discovery of elevated WB and AL counts in blood work, I would be attributing symptoms to regular aches and pains and not something more sinister.

Good luck.


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Hi ABloor

I would wait for your full assessment, it is very natural to attribute everything to CLL, but in time you will be better able to tell which are related and which have totally unrelated causes.

With the diagnosis of CLL comes a wonky immune system, so anything is possible, that is why it is important to get a CLL doctor who sees many CLL cases , and can quickly and accurately separate the wheat from the chaff...

I'm certain you will have a clearer picture after your appointment...


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I've been on W&W for 2 years and am nearing treatment. When I was first diagnosed my glands were also very uncomfortable. Especially the ones in my next at the base of my skull. At the time my oncologist indicated that this isn't unusually. The discomfort subsided after a few weeks and I haven't been bothered since other than I look like a pocket gopher!


Thank you for your replies I can't wait for my appointment for some answers. All weekend I have felt off like I am fighting something. Hot, cold, aching, glands aching, a bit like when your getting flu and another bloody cold sore!

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