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More swollen lymph nodes

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hi folks

I am at stage B and already had swollen nodes on my neck and groin when diagnosed.

I did quite a lot of swimming yesterday and now I have a few more that are swollen.

I noticed this happening even before I was diagnosed. ( I thought they were hernias! )

Has anyone else experienced swollen nodes after exercising?

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Hi Jamie James,

I love swimming too and have swollen lymph nodes in my neck. I sure hope swimming doesn't have anything to do with any additional problems. The way I understand the lymph system is that exercise especially swimming is good for you as it helps "move" the junk in your lymph nodes out. The lymph clean up the junk left in your blood and when you exercise you are actually doing yourself good. I would be interested in this answer as well. In the mean time enjoy your summer!


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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to kathypawpaw

Quite right Kathy,

We've got two body wide circulatory systems, for blood and lymph respectively. The first gets more attention, probably because it comes with a rather obvious pump which tends to get immediate attention if it stops working - and of course we tend to bleed red stuff if the first circulatory system gets a puncture.

If we have blockage problems with the second circulatory system we soon know about it and there are specific exercises to help with lymphoedema:

Swimming certainly is great whole body exercise which has the additional benefit of avoiding heavy loads on your joints. However it wouldn't be wise to go swimming in a pool if you develop neutropenia, e.g. during treatment. (My haematologist recommends I don't swim in a pool because I'm neutropenic.)

Jamie James, it's probably a good idea to ask your doctor or even your specialist about the swelling of your neck and groin nodes after swimming. As a matter of interest, does the swelling resolve after a while and what happens if you swim more regularly, say every other day? Are you reasonably active normally? I'm wondering if perhaps you do get a build up of lymph in your arms and legs that is moved to your neck and groin nodes by swimming. Do you notice that rings or a watch (who still wears one?) are any looser after swimming?


Hi Neil

The ones on my groin seem to have reduced a little, i also noticed two new swellings just above my clavicle and they have disappeared completely.

Until my diagnosis i have to say i was VERY inactive, not sure about my rings feeling loose will check next time.

Thanks for the advice and that link.


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AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Jamie_james

Good on you for becoming more active. I hope it improves your quality of life. It'll be interesting to see if you notice the same degree of node swelling in future.


Thanks Neil,

I love your upbeat and humorous answers. I am sorry about your neutropenia. I will have to research what neutropenia is...........I'm just too new to this to know. I was reading this morning that jumping on a trampoline is one of the best exercises for the lymph system. I can't remember when I have felt less like doing that! The suggestion was to get a small rebounder and jump up and down which would help move everything through the lymph systems. I guess we all do what we have to do to try to stay on top of this and have quality of life. Thanks again your answers are always so thoughtful and kind.

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CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero in reply to kathypawpaw

Hi Kathy...

I haven't heard that one in about 10 years... generally for what I understand it isn't recommended for CLL patients... but should you feel the need to bounce...always consult your CLL specialist first...


Thanks Kathy, that's a relief!

Hi Jamie james,

I know this is going to sound a little obtuse, but I find my nodes reduce with exercise, particularly my most prominent on under my armpit. I put it down to the squeezing of the lymphatic system by exercise. If the cancerous cells are out of the nodes, I believe they are more likely to die or be killed.



in reply to zentangle

because it's -31 C here today - i can't even get out for a walk! i went on my old but still working elliptical for 30 minutes today.. i noticed my lymphnodes have been swelling and it appears that new ones keep rearing their swollen-ness *is that a word?* daily!

i sure hope that excercise might *tame them down* a little bit... *sigh*

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