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I have been diagnosed with MBL I have not posted for two years on this site as I have been keeping well. However at my recent six monthly haematology appointment I was a bit concerned with my blood results. My lymphocyte count is 6.5, WBC 12.7 Hb 140, platelets 207 these have remained pretty stable over the last two years. However my Consultant did say that my immunoglobulin levels were low with my lgm level low at 0.2, he advised dual antibiotic treatment in the event of an infection and I return in six months time as normal. I would like to know if this is due to the MBL and whether this is a normal occurrence for MBL.

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Good idea to start a new post, though I saw your earlier reply :)

I'm not familiar with what can happen with MBL, sorry. IgM can't be boosted by infusion, only IgG and which is the more important. That said, a fall in IgM may presage a fall in IgG, so you would be wise to track your immunoglobulins to see if the IgM recovers and IgA and IgG stay up. IF your immunoglobulins do fall, I'd expect your haematologist would check what's happening with your MBL. As you appreciate, your other blood counts are very good. I presume you'll be eligible for IVIG infusions to maintain your immunity if your IgG falls below a set threshold (depends on the country) and you experience serious infections as a result. (I'm not medically trained, so do run this past your specialist.)



thanks for your reply Neil. My Consultant mentioned that my immunoglobulins were low but only gave the readings for my IgM so I do not know my IgG and IgA levels. I am visiting my GP in a couple of weeks so will find out what these levels were and if I can find out any further information.

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