Blood tests - limited results

HI all, I have had a number of blood tests in quick succession - the last two less than six weeks apart. My wbc have gone from 13.4 to 17.5. Is this significant? I am very early stage and not being monitored for anything else I have booked another blood test for October as this sounds a big rise in a short time and if it keeps on going...... I know in terms of many of you would not sound serious but I am a little scared. What questions should I ask?


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6 Replies

  • RELAX!

    Some of us have counts ten times yours. As you get more experience with monitoring your lymphocyte count, NOT your WBC (and your lymphocyte is smaller), you'll see that such small changes are negligible. I have seen mine jump much more than this up and down from month to month...

    I'll leave it to others to suggest questions.


  • Thank you - that is helpful. I know in absolute terms not high but it looked like it had gone up a lot to me. I will concentrate on lymphocytes

  • I felt the same panic early after my diagnosis Steffi because every little hike seems to be symbolic of decline and doom but in honesty, a rise in your WBC of 4.1 points in 6 weeks isn't significant at all. Our WBC can rise and fall dependent on so many factors and a small change can even be due to lab variations. Absolutely no reason to worry about your WBC in the scheme of things. The ALC (absolute lymphocyte count) is a much more significant indicator of disease progression but even then, specialists don't concern themselves too much until it's over 30 and doubles in 6 months or under.

    I see you are waiting for your FISH results. Once you get them, you'll be in a better position to ask questions about prognostic factors etc. However you could be many, many years from ever needing treatment so no need for this period to be full of angst. Easier said than done however I appreciate.

    Best wishes,


  • Thank you. That is very reassuring. I am hoping to get FISH results soon and as you say will know more then.

  • Got the FISH results now and am 13q deleted which I am told is a good prognosis. Think I might sigh with relief. Do know this can change though

  • Excellent result Steffi!


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