LEJOG 2016 - Day 3

LEJOG 2016 - Day 3

Morethighligenhampstead to Glastonbury - 71 miles

Today is The Flyers birthday and he rewarded himself with climbing more tough hills with a total climb of 4,050 feet even though day 3 was supposed to be easier than days 1 and 2!

One cyclist on the Team will be pulling out a day early due to injury but the Dunkirk Spirit prevails for the other 2.

The highlight of the day was a 3 mile descent into Corfe, near Taunton, which was amazing.

The Flyer keeps lightening his luggage load by forgetting to pack all of his items as each B&B! Luckily I will be meeting him in Monmouth tomorrow so he can restock.


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  • Happy Birthday to our resident Flyer. Tell him to blow out the candles and make the wish we all share but not too much cake...he'll never get up those hills! :-)


  • A very happy birthday to The Flyer. Hope the rain stays away tomorrow.


  • Happy birthday Flyer... May that Dunkirk spirit keep you going... And may you avoid any injuries or accidents.

    As your faithful hound has spelt it out "Keep on pedalling!"

    Best wishes,


  • Happy birthday Jules.

  • Keep up flyer!

  • Happy birthday to you flyer, perhaps you should refrain from blowing out the candles to save some breath for those uphill blogs, good luck, Terry

  • In case anyone else was looking for theflyer's route in a hope that they could give him some support, which I was convinced I'd seen before. It is documented in the folllowing post: healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...


  • Many happy returns, flying cyclist ! It might be wise to save the celebrations till you get home, but in the meantime, keep on keeping on, for all of us, and from all of us. X

  • Happy Birthday, have you packed your passport ;-)

  • Hi all -going strong and loving it -no up dates tonight as Sarah meet me in Monmouth had a nice meal and my last remaining companion has gone home so it's me and the bike from now on Jason who does cycle racing was teaching me today to sit on his wheel then take my turn loved doing that the Severn bridge was amazing we have gone from Cornwall Devon somerset an now into Wales it is good to see the different scenery and here the different acence it is an amazing experience jules flying for us all

  • Welcome to Wet Wales!

  • Don't I already know it more is for casted today off to volunteer shortly j

  • Happy Birthday and hope the weather improves x

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