The Flyer LEJOG Update

Monmouth to Clun - Wales to Shropshire - 55 miles - Flying solo as other cyclists have gone home - 312 miles completed an around 670 to go.

Shorter route today but it was still tough with some massive hills. It didn't help that it was raining heavily and there were floods at the side of a massive hill. The Flyer was man enough to get off and push the bike up the hill as he couldn't see through the rain. He has now dried off and refuelled and will be having an early night ready for tomorrow.

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  • Inspirational , keeping you in my thoughts

  • What an heroic effort...and it's for us and our shared struggle. It's hard enough for a totally healthy person to undertake this but that Flyer isn't in the first stage of CLL makes it even more remarkable! Sorry to hear he's having to do this solo now. That can't be easy.

    But we are all peddling by your side in spirit Jules and wish you the strength to finish.

    Best wishes,


  • With you in spirit Flyer!


  • Keep coming, you're doing great. The weather is improving (if you believe the forecasts)

  • Hopefully the weather will clear for you, we're cheering for you.

  • Jules is hanging tough, proud of you and the huge effort you are making on our behalf.

    Go Jules


  • Well done,Jules. May the road rise up to meet you - (but not literally!) and the sun be always at your back.

    Dreadful day yesterday, so I hope you will come back to Wales when we have some fine weather, when it can't be beat for scenery, warm weather and warm people.


  • Well, I'm now developing even more respect. Such a pity you're on your own now, it makes it much harder to cycle distance on your own. 670 mile time trial - even Chris Froome wouldn't take that on.

    Witty aside (maybe) - got your passport with you, you may need it by the time you get to Scotland! (I'm allowed to say that, I'm a Scot, but not SNP).

  • Excellent progress - you are not alone many with you in spirit - hope others can join you in the coming days.

  • Your comments and support mean a lot and will spur me on -Sarah will update later I am off to bed

  • I feel positively guilty melting in the Cypriot sunshine but I wish you safe cycling, better weather and fewer hills. Well done Jules.


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