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Will changes to Doctor Google reduce unnecessary anxiety and stress?

Will changes to Doctor Google reduce unnecessary anxiety and stress?

'Google wants to make it easier for users to find answers to their symptom-related questions.


In Google's official blog, the company said roughly 1 percent of the searches on Google, which equals millions of searches, are related to symptoms users are researching. But search results can sometimes be confusing, and result in "unnecessary anxiety and stress," Google said.

The company plans to use its Knowledge Graph feature, which it launched last year, to enhance the search results it provides.'

Story from CBNC:


Photo: Kookaburras - colloquially known as Laughing Jackasses and members of the Kingfisher family, might have the last laugh on this, but only time will tell...

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Lovely pair of cuties. Always wondered what they looked like.

Thanks Neil



Dr Google certainly caused me some sleepless nights Neil!

Great pic.



Dr Google has been used for some years and in 2013 The Pew Charitable Trust did some research into the uses of the internet by patients

The article referenced below dates back to 2013, and we don't know if they have updated this, but even in 2013 it shows that Dr Google was well used.

Three years later the usage figures would be very much higher still.

It is perhaps sad that we still meet doctors who want to limit our access to medical information...

This is the link to the article :-


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