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My success with Imbruvica (ibrutinib

I've posted before that for almost all of 2015 I was treated for ITB.  My platelet counts ranged up and down from 2 to 50 all year.  In December I switched to another doctor and he did a bone marrow biopsy and told me on Christmas Eve that I have CLL.  He immediately started me on FCR, but after two treatments my count went to 675 and I had severe reactions.  So, he switched to weekly infusions of Rituxan.  

The same week that Imbruvica was approved for treatment of CLL, he put me on it.  I've been on it since early March.  At that time my platelet count was 35.  With being on the Imbruvica only, my count has steadily gone up to 109 yesterday.  The doctor now feels I only need monthly blood work monitoring.

The side effects for me are mild.  I am very tired all the time, but that's about it.  Of course, I am also 69 yrs old and have been tired for 5 years.  And, fortunately, my pharmacy found a non-profit group that will pay my Medicare drug co-pay for the first year.  Like all cancer drugs Imbruvica is expensive.

For me, Imbruvica is a wonder drug.

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Good news Oihojim.

Things are finally going better for you. My best wishes.


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