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HU have introduced a new page for writing posts

HU have introduced a new page for writing posts

Joel from HU advises "The former page seemed as though it wasn't utilising the space very well. We also had some complaints about a few things that could be clearer and decided to change it up a bit.

Adding a photo and assigning topics should be easier. We've also been more explicit about what the privacy settings mean (hover over the '?'). And we've changed the layout and offered a few tips for how to write great posts."

So give it a go and reply with any feedback you have and I'll pass it on to HU. Other admins have already fed back the following:

 1. Avoid text speak should be added to Tips for great content. Simply saying avoid abbreviations doesn't make it clear enough imho

2. We also need to avoid acronyms. :-) imho? What does that mean? :-) :-) :-)

3. I don't feel that explanations of who can see your stuff go far enough. I still feel that people should explicitly be told that their content is searchable regardless of whether it is community only or not. (Note that for locked posts, only the first few sentences are searchable via Internet Search Engines and the poster's name is hidden - Neil)

4. In fact it doesn't even mention internet searches, so many won't even twig that from the vague wording

5. The issue of people joining up with their real names is, in my view, more important.

If you have a pseudonym (nom de frappe?) then the information leaking out is likely to be of less significance.

But nothing can protect those who sign up under their real names, and post test results printed by their GP surgery with their name, address, GP name, NHS number, date of birth, ..., in large images.

It would seem reasonable for people to be able to opt out of any of their posts ever being public by a profile setting. Whether it is reasonable for that to also apply to every response they ever make is a little more difficult - but why not? (Remember that if you have signed up with a username identifiable to you, HU allows you to change your username a limited number of times. See: Neil)


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