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Editing problem bugs with iPhones and iPads have been reported to HU


HU have recently enhanced text entry handling so that on PCs you can easily use Ctrl+b, Ctrl+i and Ctrl+u to format following text to bold, italic or underlined respectively.  Re-entering the relevant Ctrl+ sequence cancels the formatting.  Unfortunately since this upgrade, Apple mobile device users have reported experiencing major problems editing text in their submissions to HU.  Users either can't go back and amend text or find it extremely difficult to do so. Problems reported include:

- The keyboard 'disappears'

- Trying to go back, it was difficult to pinpoint the exact place in the text or it brought up 'next posts'

- Spell check works when writing a post but not when replying

- Inserting special characters is difficult if not impossible

So far some or all of these problems have been reported on iOS 9.3 full release version, an iPhone 6s running iOS9.2, an iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

Apple PCs are presumably not affected with a Mac Air reported as working fine.

Android smart phones and tablets also don't seem to be affected.

I'll provide an update when I hear more - unless some happy Apple mobile device user replies earlier with some good news :) .


PS The other casualty of this change on all platforms is that the previously supported emoticons (smileys) no longer work, but I gather emoji characters can be inserted from operating systems that support them.

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My Android tablet is severely affected this am Neil. With keyboard disappearing and letters appearing in words that I know I have t typed.

Hope you are fit and well now.

Best wishes

SuePSs very difficult to get keyboard back.

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to wroxham-gb

Hi Sue, 

Sorry to hear you are having so much difficulty with your tablet.  Are you able to report more details?

Via Settings...About device, you should see the model number and Android version.



App version 2.2.334 140109 3822aeb_all

Webkitbversion applewebkit/534.30(khtmllike gecko)

Version/4.2.2mobile safari/534.30

Is thwhat you are looking for Neil. It's double Dutch to me.


AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to wroxham-gb

Thanks Sue, that's what I needed.  You are using an Apple tablet, not an Android one, so what I've reported in my post is still correct.


Thanks Neil.


CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero

A couple more...

Tapping a word should select that word... it does occasionally, but very briefly, the selection disapears... some times this action scrolls to the top of the thread  😩

If I type 'tast' and eventually get the cut/copy/define popup tab to appear, the iPad suggestive text replacement comes up with 'toast' the word I wanted... however tapping on the word 'toast' on the keyboard... does not replace the selected 'tast' with 'toast' as it should... in the text 

If I have HU open in one tab in Chrome and I have an open edit field for example and switch to a second tap to get say a link... then switch back to the HU tab... the page reloads... no edit field all text gone.. huge PITA

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Cllcanada

Thanks Chris - Passed on to HU via the Admin group, so other Admins are aware that of these problems.


Nice bug, Neil...  Some sort of Shield Bug, I think?    How big was it? 

AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to PaulaS

My eyeball is out of calibration (if it ever was), but I guess the body was about 1cm in length.  (I've got a collection of bug photos in readiness for posts about site bugs and I took this photo a fair while ago :) ).


Apple mobile device editing bug update and work-around:

HU have this issue on the top of their list for action and advise the work-around:

"Users can active the cursor at the end of the content and drag it to the place where they want to edit. Again, it is not what we want, but we will be fixing this as soon as possible."

I hope this helps until the bug is fixed,


CllcanadaTop Poster CURE Hero in reply to AussieNeil

Activating the cursor is also a huge problem as well... it just took me 22 taps on this edit field to get the cursor to appear... my finger hurts... ☝🏼️  I actually use my middle figure, but apparently that emoji would not be politically correct... 👀

Gotta love those folks at Unicode... 😜


AussieNeilAdministrator in reply to Cllcanada

I suspected the work-around would be nigh impossible to use... :(

Ahh, unicode - MORE for admins to check.... :(


Apple mobile device users, the editing bugs are now fixed!  Manually refresh your browser while viewing this site before trying to edit your submissions and all should be well.

Thanks for your patience,


Thank you Neil.


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