I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for CLLSA

When I was first diagnosed I was totally lost I thought that was it I was done for

How wrong I was if it wasn't for going to Oxford to one of the CLLSA meetings well - I hate to think what of might happened.

They helped me so much now we can help them to carry on there good work if you can



If you sponsor me then I promise no more post's :)

New dawn and oldboyred that is twice now - where would we be without

Thinking of doing a sponsored streak any thought's :)

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  • Keep your kit on Jules...that's a sacrifice too many! :-)

    And enough posts now! Get out on your bike and practise! Lol


  • Jules

    If I were to do sponsored streak I could just picture 2 old wife's sitting on a park bench saying to each other "whatever he's wearing needs a good ironing.

    All the best with the sponsorship and hope you find good health.


  • Jules

    The hospitals across England are busy enough without having to cope with a mass influx of PTSD....keep the pants on!


  • I have tried to Donate twice and no joy l will try again 3rd day lucky

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