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Where am I?

Dear all,

I'm always impressed by the willingness of people to help others in our community. However, one way we can all help that sharing of knowledge is if we add our location to our profiles. That way the responses can be more tailored, because as we all know your location impacts the route the medical profession takes sometimes.

Please consider at least adding your country to your profile. To do it:

1: Click on your userid at the top of the screen

2: Click on "profile"

3: Click on "Edit profile"

4: Scroll down to Country and select the country you live in

5: Click on 'Save Changes" to update

It is not compulsory, but it does help.


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Hi Rob,

Agreed I think it would help, or just give an indication of your location around the planet when posting.

I'm a simpleton I'm afraid so just put "UK" at the end of my name "ErnieUK". I'll use that as the reason for shortening "Ernest", but he was always "Ernest". . .

P.S. Many thanks for the Posts on how you are getting on as a post-FCR patient. That is really helpful and motivational in my current position just starting recovery from round 6 FCR, even though I know we are told "we are all different".

Best Regards,



Rob - is our profile information locked or available to those outside of the group?


I don't even know the answer to that question Pat and HealthUnlocked won't be around to answer it until Monday. As I understand it, if you are logged into HealthUnlocked and search for a member, then you will only be returned with members that belong to the community groups you belong to. However, IF you are both logged into HealthUnlocked AND if you make a guess at a person's userID, then you could find their profile, even if they are in a community of which you are not a member. Being able to find content by guessing a URL is a common situation with many websites - often without needing to be logged in. If this concerns you, you could change your username so that it is not identifiable with your real name: support.healthunlocked.com/...



HU have confirmed what I deduced above is correct; If you do a search, then for non-private posts returned in the search outside of your communities, clicking on the userIDs of posters (and indeed the userIDs of repliers to that post if you go to the post) will enable you to read their profile to the same degree as if you were both members of the same community. (For private posts, the member's userID is not visible in posts limited to a specific community, so it's not an issue.) In other words, there's only one global view of profiles, so you can check anyone's profile simply by checking healthunlocked.com/userid and what a member makes private or public in their profile determines what's visible for all HU members, whether or not they share communities.

HU have naturally advised: " that we encourage all user to choose a non-identifiable username and avoid sharing personal identifiable information. If they have already signed up with an identifiable username they can always change it on their account settings.

With the profile open to all HU, members can follow each other without necessarily following the same communities."



Pat, Neil,

Tried a few experiments today with firefox. Whilst this does not prove how it should work, I'll share what I did.

So, I logged out of HU. Then I went to the HU website and put in CLL and my userid. I could find posts from me. Whenever I clicked on my id I was presented with a panel requesting I sign in.

I think, what it has shown to me, unless my testing is flawed, is that my id details cannot be seen by anyone who doesn't have an Id. It also shows me that all my posts are visible to all where I've not marked them private.

I can see my posts from Google and if I click on them my browser autosigns be on to HU so not been able to test what a person outside the community can see. Will test that later using Safari (I don't save userids/passwords with safari).

I may in future make some of my posts private so only we can see them.

Would be interested in the official position from HU.



I've asked, referencing this discussion. Stay tuned...


Neil, Curiosity ....

My country in public

My Postcode/Zipcode is private.

What can you see even when logged on if you click on my userid? Do you see both or just my country?

Private postcode works fine with 'who is near me' for me, but I wonder if others can see me nearby.



Rob, your:

User Info

JoinedNovember 17 2012


CountryUnited Kingdom

Congratulations! You're a member of very long standing - joining a month after the site was launched.

So we can conclude that the location/postcode information is invisible even to community administrators.



I think that postcode is hidden because I marked it private. I forget which other fields I marked as private.

Will be interested to see what HU say.



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