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First proper clinic post-chemo


It seems like a lifetime away - the chemo that is - but was only about four months ago. My mind and memory are still doing its best to trip me up!

Yesterday the consultant checked me over, cross questioned me on how I'd been feeling since the last time and inspected the blood results. No records on the system.

Ah - problem here - I'd had the blood test but not handed in the whole set of forms. It seems in my haste to get it done and dusted (minus spectacles) I may have, inadvertently, given them the impression that my blood test was for a transfusion or the mortuary or outer space! So I needed to have another test. Nothing for three months then two together - just like Arriva buses!

Any way consultant was pleased - he answered all my questions that I'd composed in a letter to him a couple of weeks ago ( I seriously advise this as you can jot things down when you have a clear head and pop it in the post so you don't rely on you memory when in the potentially situation of the consultation room)

So he had to base his opinion on the results from October - but was confident that, as I'm feeling well and coping well with the fatigue and other minor residual symptoms, I'm heading headlong into remission and - in my case a happy and fruitful retirement.

So good news!

On the same day I participated in the PatientPower global link-up with a pharmaceutical company. Very fascinating - and they were all very gracious, compassionate and attentive to my (rambling) account of how I was struck by the lightning bolt of the diagnosis and treatment and how I joined this club that no-one wants to be a member but has huge benefits.

Best wishes to one and all. Wrap up those of us not fortunate to holiday in Cuba or Florida at this time of year!!


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Great news Roger!

Excellent idea writing a letter ahead of time with your questions. I'm sure it's a common problem, forgetting something you meant to raise. I know I do! :)


Good news Roger. I had good news too!

Great i'sent it.

Best wishes.


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