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Happy Christmas - one and all

Happy Christmas - one and all

Due to a combination of having been away on holiday and being mega-busy on my return I've had minimal involvement over the last six weeks with the community. However, I'm now clear of that and fully on-line again.

To celebrate I'd like to take the time to wish everybody a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year. I hope we all are still here to share new good news (whatever that might include) during 2016 and beyond.

2015 has been a very interesting and positive year based on my memory of the year with the xxxxmabs seeming to shine the light on an improving future for us as a community.

I decided to share a photo, not of a seasonal view, but, of a view that when I saw it made me hope for a bright future for us all. The photo was taken at 09:49 on 18th Nov just after we had left the lodge at The Routeburn Falls, with a further 9km to walk that day. Views like this always inspire me to make a wish and also make me think of the hard work going on behind closed doors to try to improve our future.

Here's hoping to talk to you all in 2016 (and beyond), all the best, rob

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Wishing you a wonderful holiday as well. I love this picture. It makes me feel like singing, "The hills are alive with the sound of music...."


Beautiful view .I am from the UK and can remember when I first saw Yosemite .I actually cried .We were on a west coast tour of America and I think the people I was with thought I had gone mad .Some music I find can make me cry and also beautiful scenery .

I can't wait for my consultant to say I can go on holiday .There is nothing like seeing with the naked eye .All the videos and photos can not show how beautiful these places are .




Wow! What a fantastic place! I agree, Rob, that there's something about such beauty that gives us hope for the future. :-) Though I also relate to what Brenda has just said, about it making her feel like crying. (Not sure of the logic of all that... )

Happy Christmas everyone,


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