Happy New Year to all our Jewish friends

To all my fellow Jewish CLLers who are celebrating their new year this evening, hoping this year will be a comfortable one, with fewer worries and more carefree days. And warm wishes to the whole community, may we continue to support each other, and share good news.

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  • Thank you Safta and the same sentiments to you and everyone.


  • Hi Safta,

    I'd like to echo Jeff's words... Enjoy your New Year celebrations this evening

    Wishing you all the best for the year ahead.


  • And to you also Safta. May your new year be happy and as free from worry as possible. I second your wishes to our lovely community, the support is invaluable. Warm wishes. Peggy,

  • Hi Safta,

    Anniversaries are special, even more so when we live with the uncertainties that accompany a CLL diagnosis. Thanks for reminding us of how precious they are and of the hope that comes with each one passed and the promise of another new year.


  • Thanks safta. Hope youn had a good celebration.

    Best wishes


  • Shana Tova to you & yours :) And thank you for the wishes.

  • Shana Tova from another safta. Be wishes and good health for the New Year !

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