Happy New Year to one and all!

Just a message to all members and fellow CLL'ers and their families on the last day of the year. I appreciate some of us will be going into 2014 earlier than others with parts of Australia only just over 2 hours away from the end of 2013.

Have a wonderful New Years Eve and I hope next year brings renewed hope and possibilities for us all in our battle with this condition.

In friendship, shared understanding and support,

Newdawn x

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  • Thank you, Newdawn, for getting the ball rolling. I was about to as well, before the Aussies and others go into the new year. (It must be nice to have a summer new year :)) I hear New Zealand has just gone into new year so I'm a little late.

    Anyway, a Healthy and Happy new year to all :)

    Best wishes



    Hey its also good to get rid of any number 13...!!!

    Roll on 2014 And good health to all in the NEW YEAR.


  • Happy New year down under. Hope it starts out little less damp than ours.will in wet Wales and the rest of the UK..

    Wishing everyone hope and happiness into 2014


  • Welcome from Australia in 2014. Join me in a waltz to welcome in the New Year?

    Wishing everyone good health, hope and happiness for this year and many more!


  • I love this music... so robust and "healthy" somehow. Sorry I never learnt how to waltz...

  • Thank you lovely waltz but had to kick off the shoes.

    Happy and peaceful New Year everyone.


  • Still a few hours top go here but wishing everyone a New Year -

  • Some quite music to start the new year

  • A Happy New Year from Bonnie Scotland

    Lang may yer lum reek .....

  • Hope!


  • Happy New Year to everyone, from rainy Sheffield. Wishing you all the very best for 2014. (Only 15 minutes to go) .

  • 2013 didnt end too well for my husband as he attended clinic prior to 4th round chemo to be told bloods too low so its back to the injections!! but onwards and upwards a clean fresh year awaits us all, we wish all CLLers a healthy 2014, and the strength to cope when all doesnt go as planned, God Bless Janet & Peter

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