Happy New Year to my fellow Jewish CLL-ers

Tonight we celebrate our Jewish New Year, so I just want to wish my Jewish and non-Jewish friends a healthy, happy year. CLL has no boundaries or biases, so may this year be one of mutual respect, cooperation between nations to make the world a better place, and advancement in all medical fields. Shana Tova.

PS I can't believe that this is my fifth year of posting...

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  • Have a sweet and Happy New Year! I hope you are posting for many years to come.

  • Happy New Year

    Elle xx

  • Happy New Year full of MRD-'s and CR's !

  • Happy New Year

  • A sweet and good new year to you. Sally

  • L'chaim 🍻


  • Shana tova safta! May we all have a year filled with happiness and health!

  • HI Safta,

    I hope you had a lovely time on your New year celebrations. Shana tova and L'chaim to you too (Just learnt those words from Googling what's been said above).


  • Happy New Year to you Safta.


  • Happy New Year!

  • “Shanah tovah” (שנה טובה), which means “Good year.” The word “u’metuka” (ומתוקה), and sweet, is sometimes appended to the end.

    Happy New Year to all that celebrate!

  • Happy New Year Shana, much love and many blessings to you and yours from a Christian and fellow cll-er.Shalom !

  • love and blessings received and reciprocated with open arms!

  • I'm so sorry Safta, I made booboo ! Shana Tova love !

  • Happy new year to you too! ❤️

  • L'Shana Tova!

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