Good news to close out the year

Good news to close out the year

More good news as the year draws to a close. I recently received my flow cytometry tests from Dr. Byrd from my last visit to OSU a few weeks ago. My clone of cancerous B cells that had been climbing at a very slow rate for over 3 years, but had tripled in the 90 days in the prior testing done 3 months ago, has now dropped a bit in the last 90 days. This is only the second time in the last three year that the growth of my cancer has taken a break or preferably a brake, and I am sure happy about that. It is the best possible news for the end of the year.

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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  • Great news Brian, long may it continue! Marc

  • very pleased to read this. :) and good news for the upcoming year!!

  • It is great news.I am pleased!

    Best wishes,Brian!

  • Great news!!!

  • Wonderful! Thank you for your dedication to your community. You make a difference.

    Happy New Year!


  • Great news Dr. Koffman. Thanks for all you do!

  • Glad the brake is "on". Thx for your efforts on our behalf and Happy New Year.

  • Great news! Happy New Year to you and yours! X

  • Wonderful! This is great news! And don't you just love Dr. Byrd!

  • Brilliant news! Here's to more results like this :)

  • Happy New Year! Cheers to the "brakes" continuing for 2017 and beyond.!🎉

  • Glad to hear that Brian


  • Great news to finish the year!


  • Doc,

    That news must have been quite a relief. Time for a drink 🍻


  • Thanks Dr. Brian for your update. I found your blog early on when I was diagnosed with SLL back in 2013, and I read your story from the very first posts thru your stem cell transplant & your successful treatment with ibrutinib. I've been on ibrutinib now for 32 months & my treatment is being directed out of the Lymphoma Dept at MDA. When I wonder, "How much longer will this work?," I look at you and say, "Over 4 years and counting for Brian. I can do the same!"

    "Stay strong! We are all in this together."


  • Glad you are doing well.

  • Dear Brian, I am happy for you. I wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year.

    You do great things for our community. Your replies are always greatly appreciated.

    kind regards Emma Fleetwood from England

  • Wonderful news Brian! May the force be with you!

  • Congratulations Brian. Such wonderful news. You have been a source of knowledge, encouragement and hope for me over the past three years since my diagnosis. I will always be grateful to you. Wishing you good health in 2017 and beyond...


  • Good for you! Happy New Year and thanks for all you do....

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