Good News

I had my monthly appointment with my haematologist this week and received the good news that I am now in remission!!!

I was diagnosed with cll at the age of 64 and was on W&W for 10 years and started treatment last September. I had only 3 of a scheduled 6 rounds of Bendamutsine & Rituximab plus an extra 1 of Rituximab only. The side effects were pretty awful and I have been in a very dark place both physically and emotionally during treatment but with the help of my family, friends, medics and my Tenovus councillor I have come through it all. I feel better now than I have for a few years and my energy levels, stamina and well-being are improving each day.

I write this to try to encourage those of you who are newly diagnosed, on W&W or about to start treatment. I know that not all treatments have such a good outcome and that my cll may return but please try to keep positive, there is light at the end of the tunnel for most of us. And with the continuing research & development of new therapies we can all look forward to better outcomes.

Hang on in there! Best wishes to you all.

Jeff P

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  • So glad to hear this Jeff! You've emerged from your very dark place into a sunny one full of hope and renewed vigour. Long may it last!


  • Hello Jeff,

    Fantastic news! May your light shine ever brighter!

  • Good to hear such positive news, long may you remain in remission.

  • Nice to hear positive news.

  • Thank you for sharing your good news Jeff P, long may you walk in the light.


  • So pleased for you. Make the most of every moment. Peggy.

  • Great news, very happy to hear.

  • Thanks for sharing your good news Jeff, gives us all hope xx

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