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Professor Hallek on what Trial Design might give us Limited Duration Low Toxicity Therapies that offer Long term Disease Control


This week’s CLL update on the is the first part of my interview with Professor Hallek on possible drug combinations using new and old therapies in the hope of being able to offer long term disease control (he won’t use the world cure quite yet) with relatively short term therapies.

Professor Hallek heads up the important and innovative German CLL Study Group that has made enormous contributions to our understanding of how to best treat our CLL, so I listen carefully to all he has to say.

He has realistic concerns about prospect of lifelong therapies and points out some of the unpleasant truths about the limitations of treatments with signal blockers such as ibrutinib or idelalisib.

But he says some ideas of what to do about those issues

To read my commentary and review and hear the interview, please click her in the past conference section of our website ( ).

Stay strong.

We are all in this together.


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Thanks for this great interview and your commentary it gives us hope that true management is in sight and the cure word is being used as a realistic target now.

I put a space between the link and the end bracket this is now working.

It was privilege to listen to and meet Dr Hallek at CLL LIVE. what he is saying makes sense and things are now moving very quickly. These novel combinations may be a more cost attractive long term solution to regulators advising health providers in this age of financial constraint.

look forward to the next episode.


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