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Starting FCR in 10 days

Hi Everyone

I begin FCR on Tuesday 19th May. I've had lots of helpful advice from the hospital, such as the need to drink 2-3 litres of water a day prior to and during the treatment, but just wanted to know if anyone has any additional advice on preparing for FCR both physically and emotionally. Despite recently being in hospital with streptococcal pneumonia, I've made a good recovery and feel fine. I'm drinking green tea every day, meditating and getting some light exercise. Are there things that I can be doing over the next 10 days that will make life easier once the chemo begins? There seems to be a huge number of pills to take, and it's hard to imagine how my body will react to so much toxicity.

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Hi Kram, a similar question was asked either last week or the week before. Not quite sure how to put in a link to it (lazy me) - updated, see link below. It was a really good discussion.

One point about the pills, I made a spreadsheet to make sure I ticked everything off. Saves worry. Also the Cyclophosphamide are tiny, watch you dont drop one, having chased one around the table I subsequently opened them over a tray with lip.

OK, found it, hope this works healthunlocked.com/cllsuppo...



Hi Rob

Thanks very much for the link. So much detailed info - brilliant. I'll get going on the spreadsheet and put reminders into my phone. Tray an excellent suggestion for the tiny C pills.

All the best


Hi kram, i found it useful to take a notebook and jot down what was happening and how i felt. The amount of medication you may leave with will give you focus and always remember how the treatment is making you better. I found positive thinking is very calming. I'm six weeks through treatment. Good luck.


Thanks, d011y. At this point, I feel pretty calm about having treatment. My wife is less calm, worried about all sorts of logistical things: looking after me, taking me to hospital for R, coping with her work, looking after the children etc. How easy have you found it to deal with the fears and worries of others?



The tray is an excellent idea for all your pills, all focused in one place and easy to carry around and put away.

My best wishes on your journey through treatment. :-)




Many thanks, Sue.


Hi you ask about how loved ones cope. All I can say is that without the love and support of my husband I couldn't have got through the chemotherapy. Best wishes


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