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Stressed-out cancers may provide drug target

Stressed-out cancers may provide drug target

Research at the University of Adelaide (The research has been published in the journal Oncogene) has discovered cancer cells may be particularly susceptible to metabolic stress - opening the way for new targeted therapy that won't harm normal cells.

Dr Gregory says, "People who have advanced cancer which isn't responding to chemotherapy often try a range of different treatments such as a radical diet in the hope it may help and In some situations, it may in fact work. "

this may give some validity to theories of alternative treatments such as going on a radical diet.

There could be some truth to Gerson Diet after all...(OK, let's hear it guys)

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OK, you asked for it shazie. That big stretch of steel is definitely not the University of Adelaide Footbridge, but you do seem to have made a rather similar long stretch in linking this report to Gerson Therapy :) . I'll agree that coffee enemas are radical, but do they come under the diet umbrella?

As I've said before, I wouldn't be surprised if changes in diet do help some people with cancer - for the simple reason that many people have bad diets. Perhaps improved diets (or more generally, changes in lifestyle) do help the immune systems (T-cells) of people with cancer and that perhaps is behind the rare but not unknown spontaneous remissions in cancer. Sometimes it's just because the cancer diagnosis was not correct, as definitely appears to be the case in the recent concern over celebrity writers misleading their readers over an apparent cure for cancer by diet/lifestyle changes: Gerson Therapy did not get a favourable mention there.

What irks me most about radical diets, is that they offer false hope to people in need of treatment. Adherence to the diet while eschewing proven treatments may indeed contribute to their unnecessary death. And that's very sad for all concerned.



Hi Shazie,

My logic persuades me that the human body takes in nutrients and fluids via the mouth and all that is not used is excreted out through the anus. On a purely aesthetic level I would persuasively argue that coffee tastes much better following traditionally routed food intake but I grant that we are all different and you might have a different experience;-)

Mucosal tissue, especially of the intestine and colon is important to keep us healthy and is largely dependent on maintaining beneficially complex colonies of bacteria which makes the prospect of being flooded with a morning-joe and its caffeine component highly suspect as a reasonable way to treat disease. It is doubtful that De-caf would be much of an improvement.

Diet to include the subject of fasting should be legitimately included in a general strategy of staying as healthy as possible while we are dealing with CLL. In that light, the study of fasting with its connection to autophagy (self eating) affecting cancer cells may be more important than how much we eat and what we eat. Eating the right kinds of foods may well play an important part of cancer prevention but once a cancer is established the smart money bets on the best medical science solutions.



Gentlemen. I was simply referring to Gerson Diet and not Gerson Therapy. But, I do see your points.


Gerson = Quacker in my view... diet was part of the therapy... as were coffee enemas...

Good diets are good diets...

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