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CLL Patient makes history

CLL Patient makes history

Hi My name is Hugh Forgie. I am a member and supporter of CLLSA. I have had CLL for over 12 years. Over the past 6 years I have had 2 lots of chemotherapy. I have now developed a TP53 deletion which means I can't t have any more chemo. I am now on Ibrutinib.

in June of next year my wife and I plan to cycle 2000 miles between us, in 10 days, to raise awareness and funds specifically for CLL reasearch at the Paul O'Gorman Centre in Glasgow. Please refer to our Just Giving link or go into Google and type in Just Giving then search for Hugh Forgie in the bar at the top. Any help would be much appreciated.

My wife and I will be attending the meeting at Brentford on 16th December and would love to meet you there.

Any help given will benefit all of us.

Hugh and Margaret Forgie

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Hi Hugh

It was great to meet you both at the Brentford meeting on Tuesday. Thank you both for travelling down from Glasgow and for your inspirational talk sharing your CLL journey with us.

I believe you will make history and what a way, your story brings so much hope to us all living with CLL and your effort will help the Beatson CLL Paul O'Gorman centre help so many more with CLL

Keep on rolling



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