Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) Oil and medical mushrooms extract for CLLs trisomy 12. B12 boosting safety?

Dear all I am 36 years old and I have trisomy 12 and IGHV mutated status, lymphocytes count 78%. I found that I am low on vitamin B12. I am on W&W for two year now, and low on vitamin B12 for 1,5 year. Neutrophil count 19%, B2M 1,9 (range 0,8-2,2) and LDH 187 (upper limit is 220). WBC is 8.30 (range 4,00-10,00), RBC is 4,90 (range 4.50-5,80) and all other blood results like hemoglobin, erythrocytes, hematocrit, platelets etc are in optimal range. Spleen a little enlarged, and having enlarged nodes in armpit, neck, stomach and groin ( size not more then 2,5 cm per node).

I fill a little bit exhausted in the evening (but not so strange having on mind the fact that I am working full time job, and taking care of two little children). I don't have any major problems except occasional seasonal flu during the winter...

1) Is there anybody who has any experience of using Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa) cold pressed Oil or medical mushroom extracts?

2) I am wondering is supplementation of B12 vitamin a good choice for me or it is better to avoid it (having on mind DNA replication, possible proliferation of leukemia B lymphocytes etc)

Thanks in advance


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  • Hi Vlada,

    I've deleted your near duplicate post, given the only significant difference was your sentence:

    "I am wondering is supplementation of B12 vitamin a good choice for me or it is better to avoid it (having on mind DNA replication, possible proliferation of leukemia B lymphocytes etc)."

    Given your neutrophils are 19% of your WBC count of 8.30, I calculate that translates into an Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC) of 1.6 and a Lymphocyte count (ALC) of 6.5. Absolute counts are what we need to track, not percentages.

    Here's a relevant post on mushroom extracts:


  • Hi Neil,

    Thanks for fast reply. I agree that content is almoust the same but B12 vitamin deficency is a big deal, and basicly those questions are different but I needed to give some introduction. Would you bee so kind to put a question on b12 and nigella sativa and medical mushrooms in one post if that is better


  • Hi again Vlada. In response to your question about B12, that's an essential requirement for your body to produce red blood cells, so you may need to discuss supplementing B12 with your specialist. Your red blood cell count is in the normal range and you mention that your haemoglobin is in the optimal range, so there doesn't seem to be any pressing need (but that's just my non-medically qualified feedback). You are doing well if you are managing a full time job and taking care of two little children!

    My apologies for deleting your earlier post. I now realise that you were asking two different questions and providing your background for both. I've edited your post's title accordingly, so both your questions should be addressed. Please edit your question above or ask about B12 again if you don't get satisfactory feedback.


  • Neil,

    Thank you very much. Posts about mushrooms are very helpful.


  • We responded at the same time Vlada. I've updated your post as you requested and taken the liberty of correcting a few typos. Again my apologies and I hope my changes are satisfactory.


  • Thanks again! They are...Sorry for the inconvenience.It is my first post and I will try to do it better next time :-)

  • Your doctor should monitor your B12, and advise you...

    Supplements might be effective if you have intrinsic factor, otherwise you need sublinguals or in the worst case injections...

    I have had monthly B12 injections for years... it makes a difference in energy levels and in my case depression.


  • Thank you very much! Your advice and experience is good example

  • My B12 was also very low. Fortunately the sub-lingual tablets, which both my doctor and my pharmacist suggested, have helped in my case. I was monitored every 3 months for the B12 and for my Vitamin D level while adjustments were made in my dose to get me into a healthy, stable range. I am now checked about every 6 months.

  • Thank you very much! How about blood results? Are they in same range as before B12 supplementation?

  • My CLL is totally unusual - presents in the kidneys. My labs are almost always in the normal range and have been for at least 9 years, and I have never had lymph nose involvement. Perhaps others who have added B12 and D3 supplements would have better information about this.

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