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Dr Sharman on Lenalidomide and Rituximab in Lymphoma

Dr Sharman on Lenalidomide and Rituximab in Lymphoma

This latest blog by Dr Sharman only touches briefly on CLL, but for those with a technical interest in non chemo treatments and CD20 antibodies like Rituximab, plus an interesting discussion into how CLL B-Lymphcytes inhibit T-Lymphocytes (and leave us more susceptible to secondary cancers), it is well worth a read:

I'd heard that Lenalidomide has the unusual effect of boosting the immune system (most treatments have the opposite effect - hence Watch and Wait being the default 'treatment' for CLL). This blog explains why!


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Dr Sharman's educated posts on his blog are ALWAYS worth reading.

PLUS he carefully links what he says to other important blog posts.

So read, and click on the links ( different coloured sentences or words ).

Lots of interesting topics in his links as well as the main subject.



Thanks Neil,

one to be bookmarked and reread I think.


Weird snake like plant!


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