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HU Site Updates

HU Site Updates

HealthUnlocked are releasing the following new features, improvements and bug fixes.


New Feature

Auto log users in when coming from HU emails

To make it easier for members to engage with each other, they will be automatically login every time they click on one of our emails from a known device.

Improvements and fixes

Image upload on Write a post page

The button for image upload will be updated, and a message will be added to clarify what is the file size limit. (2Mbytes)

Change username

A note will be added making clear that you can change your username twice only.

(This newly introduced feature is available via the 'Account' menu item, which you reach via the drop down list that appears when you select your username in the green menu bar. Those wishing more anonymity may like to use this feature to choose a username that is not easily associated with your real name. - Neil)

HU green bar

On tablets, the green bar was overlapping the response box.

(Would an Apple device user please confirm that this fix banishes the bane of the green bar? - Neil)

Private messages section

A few members were not able to access this section due to a bug that allows them to be added twice to a private message. Now, all members should be able to access this section.

Uploading avatar and banner on iPad

Users on iPad were not able to upload avatars or banners. A quick fix, the upload button will be hidden, will be released as we have not been able to identify the origin of the issue.



Photo: Spittlebug foam. I've been wondering for months what causes these foamy patches on grass stems and bushes. Turns out that spittlebugs suck out the plant sap and generate a foamy hide-away. Thanks to Jay for persisting with the research that finally exposed the cause.

2 Replies

Well, green bar was there when I was reading your update, but has totally disappeared now I am typing in this response.

(IPad, IOS 8.1, Safari and landscape)


Me too... the floating green bar has never been a problem in iOS8 it was a problem in iOS7...

The simple fix is for Apple mobile users is to upgrade to the latest operating system...


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