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Gall bladder part 2

I'd just like shout

My gall bladder is out

But it's left me feeling quite low

Recovery feels quite slow

Two open wounds to heal

An abscess too has added to the strain

Just have to keep going just like a train

Doctors and nurses had enough of at present

But I need to see them to reach the crescent

Antibiotics are added and I start to feel better

Human soon I certainly hope so

Otherwise its a downward spiral and a job to stop the flow

4 weeks on and healing quite well

Still got 2 holes but they are healing well

Poor CLLers we certainly suffer

But we come back laughing and somewhat tougher

My best wishes to you all

From a fellow CLLer called SUE

Admin: Auto-spell errors corrected and spelling sorry post deleted :)

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Is this a first

A post in verse.

Keep going Sue

Thinking of you !

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Thank you field meadow. I see I have got competition.



Thank you for your kind words. I will get there.



Hope you heal quickly Sue,

God bless you and all the



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