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How can we notice replies to posts (if they are not the most recent reply)?

How can we notice replies to posts (if they are not the most recent reply)?

I have just read and enjoyed Stunned's latest reply to a post. However, with this new layout for "Newsfeed", I didn't notice it earlier today, when I visited. If it hadn't been for Bub's more recent comment, I probably wouldn't have seen it at all. Which would have been a pity.

Responses to posts are often just as interesting - sometimes more so, than the original posts. So, with this new layout for "Newsfeed", is there any way of easily checking for new responses?

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Paula, I wish! While I like seeing the accompanying photos with the new style Newsfeed, I do miss the old style where just the latest responses were provided. I find myself using tabbed browsing more; I just open a post in a tab and refresh the tab when there's been a reply. Otherwise it is easy to miss replies, particularly on popular topics when later replies can hide earlier ones. I wish we could opt for either the old or new style Newsfeed.

What do others think?

PS Love the squirrel

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Why can't they flag post to each member? Facebook does this...

If I have responded to a thread, for example, and two other people post after me, then they are flagged, so I know the thread continues after my post. Not great but better than nothing...

There should also be away to flag direct responses to a post. So if I answer a direct post by Neil, and Paula answers mine and Neil's post sequentially, there should be a way to flag this... if I view the thread... the replies are shifted to the right... that works well, but there should be a way to see this reply tree without opening every thread...

3 crashes today... I better submit this response before I loose it :x


Yeah, this website is frustrating and hard to navigate. I have been staggering my visits more and more. It is too bad because the site has attracted some very knowledgeable and helpful people from around the world. Hopefully, something will be done soon to ameliorate the situation.


There is an old addage that says if it ain't broke don't fix it!

While I am aware the site had to be upgraded to move it forward as the old infrastructure wouldn't cope, I can't help feeling they are running before they can walk and plodding on without addressing the needs of the customer or fixing minoir niggles which will only manifest into large isses later. seems to me the software writers are ruling the roost and no one is controlling them, ever heard of testing guys?



Yes I have to agree with Paula's observation, it's very annoying and a general problem with very long threads. I sometimes notice that the post count has increased but struggle to find the new post.

Not wanting to start a 'grumble page' but is anyone else experiencing the problem (on the ipad in my case) of being unable to load the longer pinned posts without it crashing back to the home page. It takes me several attempts before I can get it to load. I do wonder if this community is a bit unique in the sheer number of responses and it challenges the 'system'.



NewDawn I believe this is a specific Apple only problem, they need to rewrite the software to allow for the readers who use an iPad or iPhone.

On Windows and Android this problem does not occur, but I still maintain that the Health Unlocked software team needs a serious reorganization.

They just do not appear to listen to any comments from the users, and this will in time result in many people going elsewhere.



I thought it was long threads that were causing crashes as well, but yesterday, I had two crashes in Safari, trying to post a message...

EDIT... I just hit the backbutton after submitting this posts and crashed to the homepage...

Something on Cloudfront is messing with multi gestures too... you can't zoom in or out on these devices while on HU...totally non standard functioning... as you are aware Newdawn...

I did some further testing... and it appears that crashes are linked to using Apple devices in the 'landscape' position... in the 'long' position crashes don't seem to occur even on long threads. This is true for the iPad 4, iPhone 4S and iPod Touch 5.

Chrome Browser is much more stable on the iPads in all positions... so until something gets fixed, I would use Chrome over Safari... or turn the iPad to the long (portrait) position...

We should have iOS8 in a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see if all these problems continue... I suspect they will.


Good tip that Chris! I've just gone from horizontal to vertical viewing and it didn't crash! :-)



Yes... horizontal and vertical... you can tell I'm a photographer, 'landscape and portrait' LOL! :-) Too funny!


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