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New Newsfeed

Has anyone NOT noticed the new Newsfeed? HU explain how it works here:


Note that you can now filter your news feed by your own activity/posts and those of individual communities via the Newsfeed menu (to the left of the red "Write a Post" button on the Newsfeed page).

Newsfeed Tips

There are multiple links in the Newsfeed that will take you to different areas within HU. In order, clicking on a:

- Post's Title or its image will take you to the post/question. (These are the only links not in blue)

- UserID will take you to that member's profile

- community name will take you to the community home page

- Continue reading --> will take you to the relevant post or reply

- View x more replies will take you to the top of the reply section. (You can scroll back to read the post.)


Photo: Bridal creeper, again identified by Jay. This very attractive weed is also infesting my camera memory card; there are far too many photos of its bright, glossy foliage against the generally duller Australian native bush.

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In some ways, this new Newsfeed looks like an improvement. I like the narrower colomns, and the shaded area that takes away some of the whiteness. However, new replies to posts seem much harder to notice - because only the most recent reply is visible on Newsfeed. Earlier replies disappear from Newsfeed as soon as another reply is written, even if they were just a few seconds earlier. Which means that many replies won't be seen unless we visit each post to check them out.

Or have I got this wrong? Am I missing something?


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Paula, that's also my concern - replies will be easier to miss as with the photos and the re-inclusion of the parent post, replies will be pushed further down the page. They don't quite disappear, but they do take more effort to search out...

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Any improvement is welcome but I notice it still asks me to complete my profile but STILL doesn't have an appropriate entry for watch and worry, active management or whatever else we may wish to call it! A simple solution we have been complaining about for ages that HU cannot be bothered to address and yes I have notified them as well.


Hmmm had a chance to look at it properly on my mobile. Decided I don't like it. News feeds difficult to navigate via drop down boxes. Slow response on mobile and screen jumping around and scrolling when a selection is made makes for an irritating experience.


I like having the posts bunched together so we can jump from one to the other without having to go back to the beginning. I'm hoping we get the info soon about where on the planet people are posting from? - although maybe this will come up on the new profiles?


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