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How to Join and Leave other HealthUnlocked Communities (updated)

How to Join and Leave other HealthUnlocked Communities (updated)

The new HealthUnlocked site interface makes it much easier to explore and if you wish, become a member of other HealthUnlocked communities. So much so, that I've had a few members ask me how to leave a community that they've inadvertently joined. You don't need a separate password for each community.

Reviewing and deciding whether to Follow (join) another HU Community

1) Click on "My Communities v" in the HU Menu and then select "+ Browse Communities".

2) In the Search box, type in key word(s) to return a page of communities of possible interest. Each time you enter a space, the list of communities is updated within a second or so. (Note that the HU search provides a much broader range of communities than you might expect.)

3) To just review a community's activity, click on the community's icon to the left of the community name. This will give you a view of the recent posts for that community. You can click on open articles to read them fully. (If you click on a closed article, you'll be prompted to join by clicking on a green "Follow Community" button at the bottom of the brief overview of the hidden post.)

4) If you wish to join (follow) that community, click on either the community name or the green "Follow Community" button below the community overview to join that community. You should now get a welcome Private Message from that community.

If you decide to follow other communities, you'll see new content from all the communities you follow in your Newsfeed. You can also explore a specific community, engage in polls, etc by selecting it from your "My Communities v" menu item.

To Leave a HU Community

1) From the Newsfeed page (reached by clicking on "HealthUnlocked" on the left of green menu bar), click on the white "Update Profile" button to the left of the newsfeed.

2) Scroll down to the "My Communities" section where you'll see a list of all the communities that you follow.

3) Click on the ticks against the community(ies) you no longer wish to follow.

You can also get to your profile from any HU page by clicking on your UserID and selecting "Profile", then you can edit it by clicking on the white "Edit Profile" button in the bottom right of your banner image.


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Thanks for that Neil. I had to learn by trial and error because by clicking innocently on 'follow community' you find yourself a member. I thought it was simply checking out what the community was about so was most surprised as a lifetime non smoker to find myself on a 'tobacco cessation programme!' :-)

it took me a while to figure out how to dejoin.

I have to say you realise how well this particular community runs, is administrated and monitored compared to some others. I'm afraid there are HU communities which appear to be populated simply by advertising companies and individuals making outrageous claims about 'cures'. I have reported them but I'm afraid there's been little change.



The only way to unfollow on an iPad or iPhone that I have found is to go into your profile and about 3/4 of the page down, is a list of communities that you belong to.. ... you can 'unselect' the checkbox button on the left, and the community is dropped from the list...

I notice Neil, when searching + HU communities, that the communities I belong to, do not appear in the search... I have verified this by joining communities, then doing a search...the joined communities don't appear... bit odd...

It would also be nice to have 'next' and 'previous' buttons, so the communities can be viewed sequentially in alphabetical title order on a page by page basis...



Chris, HU have just made it much easier to unfollow a community through your profile. As you've observed, you no longer see communities that you already follow when you search for new communities. Thanks for pointing out the change; I've updated the post accordingly.



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