First Online Electronic Blood Test Results on Patients Know Best

First Online Electronic Blood Test Results on Patients Know Best

Just writing to say I've just accessed my first set of blood test results electronically via the online system provided by organisation "Patients Know Best:

I think this has been rolled out to a number of Health authorities, I'm with OUH.

Please reply if you are also making use of this service now, and let us know your area, so others might know if this service is available to them, and if not try asking.

P.S. And the actual results are just great, with only suppressed Lymphocytes, which you would expect after FCR in 2014/2015.

Best wishes to all,


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  • Wow! That sounds great.


  • Hi Ernie,

    I have been able to access my medical information for quite some time. I can check lab results, scans, clinical summaries, etc. if I have a question for my oncologist, I can send her a note also. There is a turn around time of 24 hours. Once my doctor gets the results and signs off on it, I can see and compare results. Isn't technology great!

    Kind regards,

    Sally (USA)

  • Impressive. Thanks for the confirmation. I will be interested to see what kind of answers we get around the world.



  • Sorry to sound thick Ernie, but is this something that the Doctor signs up to? Do we request it? Is it available only in certain areas?


  • Hi Peggy. Thanks for the question. As best as I understand the health authority has to sign up to it, and as a patient you have to agree for your data to be transfered to PKB. So I would say, for anyone interested, start asking your doctors to raise awareness. PKB has different functions so different health authorities may sign up to different bits. At the moment I'm just intrigued where it has got to around the UK and how many areas have signed up or perhaps done something different or off their own bat. Also interested around the planet where other countries are on this issue of patient access to data.



  • Hi Ernie

    Not available in GB east as far asI'm aware.


  • Thanks Ernie

  • HI Ernie how are things

    I have access to that at Oxford to i go to the Churchill even though I am in Northants rose the shires.

    Jules - still flying

  • Pathetic, I know Ernie, but I am very doubtful about putting my details on computer. - although it would be useful to have my bank details online I can't bring myself to do it.

    Also I doubt very much if here in west/South Wales we are that far ahead! It must be very helpful to get your results online. I get looks of surprise and doubt every time I ask for a copy of mine. - although I do get it if I ask.

  • You are not alone Chrisgranny. Me too.


  • We are in Oxford and like you can access my husbands results and have a dialogue with the consultants and specialist nurse, which is great. I do thinks that it is a controlled access to other data as sometimes we have had notification about updates about files being uploaded and then they have vanished. For example the biopsy details from his spleen removal were there for a very short period of time and then vanished. If I had not copied them across to my own personal healthcare file we would have thought we had imagined them being there!

    We are seeing the consultant today and will mention this to her.

  • I am in SE London. My GP doesn't make use of this service and, to date, has no immediate plans to do so.


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